You don't have to trade in your car for a bike or install solar panels on your roof to make a difference for Mother Earth. But you can make a few small changes to your crafting. Doing so is not only a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, it's also a great way to use your stitching skills for good.
Kathryn Vercillo
This year, make one of your quilting projects a little greener — and not the color green. Instead of buying more fabric, look for materials you already have around your home. It brings new life to pre-loved clothing, is easy on your wallet and maximizes your resources. What's not to love?
Lindsay Conner
Real talk: sometimes crafting can use a lot of materials (that aren't exactly cheap). You can save your bank account some strife and show Mother Earth a lot of love by upcycling what you already have — here's how.
Ashley Little
Say it with us: plarn. It's exactly what it sounds like — yarn made from plastic. You can't find it at your local craft store, but you can make it by recycling all your plastic bags from the grocery store. It's easy, quick and totally eco-friendly. Not to mention it gives a cool effect to lots of fun projects.
Andrea Sanchez
Receiving holiday cards is one of the best parts of the season. But let's be real: you can only hang a certain amount on your refrigerator before you run out of magnets. Instead of tucking them away in storage (where they'll never be seen) or throwing them away (even worse!), why not upcycle them instead? Here are a few fun ways to breathe new life into those beloved holiday cards that arrive in your mailbox.
Kimberly Stoney
If you're like us, your closet is likely littered with clothes that no longer fit, items that just aren't your style anymore, or things you simply forgot you had. But before you Marie Kondo the place and throw everything out, stop and ask yourself: Can I upcycle this? We bet the answer is yes — here are a few fun ways to get started.
Before breaking out your wallet to buy a new apron, take a peek inside your closet — we bet there's an old, oversized shirt in there that's just begging to be transformed. And with this quick and speedy tutorial, you'll be back in the kitchen making delicious dinners and decorating cakes in no time.
It's a given: 88 percent of T-shirts end up in the back of your closet. But before you Marie Kondo said closet, bring those shirts to the forefront. These upcycle projects are simple to make and will refresh your garments so they're oh-so-ready to wear again.
Looking for some instant summer wardrobe gratification? Grab those old jeans out of the dresser and transform them into fun, stylish shorts! With these three quickie tutorials, you'll soon be ready for all the warm-weather adventures.
Beth Galvin
To make a skirt or dress feel sexier — or heck, more comfortable — there's one insanely easy trick: adding a slit. That little change can totally shift the mood of a garment depending on what type of slit you choose. Think about it: there are short and saucy slits, pencil skirt slits, even thigh-high maxi dress slits. And don't forget about your tops — adding a slit in a side seam can take a shirt from fitted to feeling much more casual.
Christine Haynes
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