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Getting hired to shoot a wedding means your clients are trusting you to capture one of the most important days of their lives (no pressure or anything). When I was starting out as a wedding photographer, I was freaked out about not having everything I needed on hand. What if I had an equipment meltdown? What if the light was horrendous? When it comes to weddings, the what-ifs are endless. Preparation is your best friend.
Nicholas Donner
Meet the walking foot: Besides having one of the greatest names ever for a sewing-machine accessory, it's also your best friend when you're straight-line quilting or adding a binding.
Lindsay Conner
That feeling when you're hemming a skirt and your sewing machine skips: It's a definite "Argh!" moment. It's even worse when those skips happen on the super-visible topstitching.
Maris Olsen
Construct a gorgeous waxed canvas tote with leather trim, all on your home sewing machine! Professional bagmaker Ellie Lum shows you how, step by step — from pattern drafting to securing hardware such as metal zippers, adding interior lining pockets and more. By the end of class, you’ll not only walk away with a stylish handcrafted bag, you’ll also have a repertoire of bag-making skills that will carry you to your next project.
Ellie Lum
Ellie Lum
Ready to tackle decorative stitches on your sewing machine? Anna shows you how to change your machine settings to yield an array of gorgeous variations, all from the same stitch.
Create the illusion of hand-stitched appliqué by turning under fabric edges and using mylar pieces, tinfoil and an iron to achieve crisp creases. Your appliqué is cleverly finished with machine stitching.
See how easy appliqué can be with Anna's tips for cutting shapes, using fusible adhesive to layer fabrics and adding decorative embroidery.
Selecting fabric colors can be a challenge, but Anna Maria helps you make it easy! See how to combine different selection approaches, both controlled and improvised, to create beautifully unique blocks.
Discover a clever approach to this classic block that requires no trimming and leaves no waste! Learn where to fold, stitch, cut and press to make four flying geese at once.
From decorative stitches to fusible appliqué, designer Anna Maria Horner shares her best tips and tricks for fuss-free quilting on your home sewing machine.
Anna Maria Horner
Anna Maria Horner
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