Valentine's Day
A chocolate martini is the perfect drink to bust out at your annual holiday party or family get-together. Not only is it a bit classier thanks to a dressed-up chocolate sugar rim but, well, there's a lot of chocolate throughout. And everyone could use a little more chocolate, right?
Nicole Weston
Paris–Brest is a classic international dessert. Created in 1891 by a pastry chef along the route of the Paris-Brest bicycle race, the commemorative treat became an instant hit with both cyclists and spectators. And while it's been around for quite some time, it isn't dated in the least — the flaky French pastry still draws a crowd thanks to the delicious pâte à choux, a pastry cream flavored with hazelnut paste, and a rich layer of Chantilly cream.
Colette Christian
Colette Christian
Take your treats up a notch and top 'em with roses — strawberry roses. It's a fun (not to mention gorgeous) addition for anything that traditionally calls for strawberries — on a fruit plate, as a cupcake or cake topper, even as a garnish for pancakes, waffles or oatmeal. This tutorial features an ombré cake, but feel free to use your imagination!
Erin Gardner
If you absolutely LOVE granny squares, here's how to prove it: start every square with a heart. You'll finish your square with traditional granny rounds, which means you can easily mix and match this square with other motifs.
With shimmering white heart sprinkles hidden among the feathers, this cake is the perfect Valentine's Day surprise for your sweetheart. (But we also love it for a baby shower or ballet-themed birthday party.) The magic is all in the candy melt “feathers,” a technique you’re gonna want to use all over the place.
If life is like a box of chocolates, we’re hoping ours is filled with top-of-the-line handmade wonders like these. Don't forget to share.
Can you feel that? It's the spark of new romance! Specifically, we're head-over-heels for these adorable quilt designs that reinterpret the classic symbol of love. Find a little inspiration here, then tackle a project that'll show everybody just how much heart you really have.
Lindsay Conner
Valentine's Day and sweets are made for each other. And if you ask us, real love (or at least "real like") calls for the real deal — butter, chocolate and all.
Kristin Bellini
This just in: you no longer have to wear your heart on your sleeve. In fact, we recommend carrying it around in your hands, literally! These simple knit mitts get a bit of V-Day love with stitched embellishments. (Or any embellishments you want, really.)
Hey Cupid, whatcha makin' this month? (Bonus points if it's chocolate!) Whether you're whipping up a gift for your SO or your BFF, we've got loads of cute ideas for showing that sweet, sweet love.
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