For many woodworkers, Claro walnut is the connoisseur’s walnut — and it's easy to see why. Claro is a medley of subtle intermixed colors — browns, reds, black, purple, yellows — and beautiful figure.
Rob Porcaro
Finishing is possibly the most gratifying part of any woodworking project — and potentially the most stressful. You’ve put a lot of time and effort into what you're making, and the pressure to get the finishing touches just right can be intense.
Wilbur Pan
Jamie tries to be a do-it-yourself dad at his all-weather cottage. He's promised his kids a gazebo-style tree fort they can use as a shelter and play area this winter, but the job needs an expert. So, Jason is here to build them a gazebo that can keep Jamie's kids playing outside all year long.
Raul loves to entertain and throw casual parties, but his outdoor fire pit is lacking all creature comforts. To keep the party going, Jason needs to build Raul a gazebo with an outdoor fireplace where he can entertain big-time.
Vicki and her daughter Justine need a floating dock with a diving board, sturdy enough to allow Justine a spot to practice her competitive diving at the cottage. It's a specialized dock, but Jason is up for the challenge.
Deanne is desperate to replace a sinking unsafe dock that's making everyone wet, without burning through her limited budget. So, Jason builds her a new dock that meets the budget and keeps her floating high.
Mark is a trauma surgeon who really appreciates his getaway. His large entertaining deck high up in the tree line has great bones and offers an amazing view but is splintering apart. So, Jason is on board to resurface the deck and build him a gazebo addition for a place to relax in the shade.
Gerry has a rotted out deck with an unsafe bench attached to the railing that's taking up too much space and hampering his ability to dine outside. Jason solves his problems by replacing his wraparound deck and building an addition for extra dining space.
Jason helps Tom, new owner of a cottage with an amazing shoreline but no deck to go with it. Tom's in major need of a lakefront deck to replace his 5-foot drop-off into the water and give him a functional outdoor seating area.
Rob and Nancy don’t have an enormous lakefront, but the view from the shoreline is just perfect. Still, when the rains fall they get wet. Jason needs to create a gazebo sun porch, built right into their current deck, so they can enjoy outdoor living, rain or shine.
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