Learn how to integrate digital methods into your planning. Then take the principles you've learned and apply them to create a planner system that works for you.
Take some of the concepts from previous lessons and apply them for setting up a planner system at work.
Jessica shares inspiration for different ways you can customize your planner.
There are all kinds of planners out there. Find that system that works for you based on Jessica's pros and cons for each.
In this lesson, Jessica will show you all of the different ways that you can use trackers and lists in your planner.
Meet your instructor, Jessica, and learn how using planners can help your everyday life.
What are the biggest reasons why you want to use a planner? Jessica will help you figure this out so you can set up a system that works for you.
In this class from our partners at Brit & Co., get organized your way by learning how to set up a planner system that works for your lifestyle.
Jessica Chung
Jessica Chung
In this class from our partners at Brit & Co., learn how to find a job, build a resume and make the right connections with career expert Lauren Berger.
Lauren  Berger
Lauren Berger
Learn how to negotiate your salary. You'll watch a mock interview that will provide you with valuable feedback that you can use in real life.
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