There ain't no party like a craft party. If you're planning to throw a DIY date for your friends, we've got all the inspo you need. Even your non-crafty pals will love rolling up their sleeves for these creations!
Aran? Worsted? Fingering? Figuring out yarn weights can feel like learning a whole new language. You can thank the Craft Yarn Council for that: they're the folks who determine how yarns are categorized and labeled.
Ashley Little
Paying closer attention to edge stitches, and knowing about all the fun ways you can work with them, will make your knitting projects soooo much better. Here are five go-to knitting edges you should def get acquainted with.
Let's say you find a vintage crochet pattern for an awesome bag. You follow the pattern, stitch by stitch, but the resulting bag is off, somehow. Where did things go wrong? Surprise! You were working from a pattern written with British crochet terms.
Ashley Little
Ever wonder how knitters take two pieces of knitting and seamlessly combine them into one continuous section? It’s not magic! It’s called the Kitchener stitch.
If you've been perusing crochet boards on Pinterest and had a jonesing to start the craft, you've come to the right place. Even if you've never held a hook before or don't know a slip knot from a single crochet, use this guide to pick up basic techniques and tips. By the time you're done, you'll be ready to crochet in rows, which is all you need to make a scarf or even a simple blanket.
Kathryn Vercillo
Let's be honest: knitting from patterns is awesome. There are so many amazing designs out there, that you could knit from patterns for the rest of your life and never get bored. But, equally awesome, is pushing yourself to create your own designs. If this sort of experimentation is your jam, hats are a great place to start.
Ashley Little
Usually, if you felt your knitting, it's heartbreaking: no one likes to accidentally shrink their favorite sweater. But! There are times when you felt on purpose. And it's magical. Trust us.
Andrea Sanchez
Your sock heel is pretty much the last thing in the world you think about — ever. Except when it's time to knit a pair of socks. That's when sock heels get their revenge. How? By being so freaking hard to knit, at least the first time (or second ... or sixth time). When you're learning how to knit a cuff-down sock, things usually go pretty smoothly, but the pattern can get crazy once you get to the heel.
There's always gramming and tweeting, but if you really want to make a bold statement, you've gottta knit it. Knitting a message, words or single letters onto a sweater or other handmade piece is a super fun skill to learn, plus it's easier than it looks. Knitters tend to think of lettering as more of an embroidery or cross-stitch thing, but it's time to change all that.
Sarah Johnson
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