Whether you're lounging on the weekend or working from home, there's nothing better than a great-fitting pair of yoga pants (aka leggings) to make your day-to-day more comfy. Here's what you need to know to sew a pair — or five.
Christine Haynes
If you're not sure what creative pursuit to try next, simply look to the stars. Believe it or not, astrology can help you find a new hobby that perfectly fits your personality. Find your sign below and get ready to try something new!
Sara shows you how to add a cute embroidery fabric band to your yoga mat carrier. Sara will focus on using the correct stabilizer for dense embroidery designs.
If you've ever been to a yoga class, you may have been asked to set an intention at some point during the session. Have you ever wondered if you're doing it right? Or why it really matters?
Jessie Oleson Moore
Most people come to yoga in search of a stronger, more flexible body — and maybe a clearer head and a calmer heart, too. And yoga's amazing for those things. (Not to mention it can help you achieve that enviable yoga posture!)
Joni Sweet
As soon as you decide to give yoga a try, what's the first thing you think about doing? Buying a mat. (Or heck, maybe even hand painting one. ) But you don't have to own a premium, top-of-the-line number in order to get pumped to practice. In fact, you don't even need a mat at all. With these options already lying around the house (or backyard), you can start your flow on a soft, cushy surface without dropping any extra cash.
Joni Sweet
Once it a while, a bad mood's gonna strike. That's just life. Luckily there's a lot you can do to help turn it around — starting with rolling out your yoga mat.
Joni Sweet
Reason No. 486 to get your namaste on? So you can make — and use! — a personally painted yoga mat. This project is a great way to express yourself, creating a cool piece of art that makes exercise fun.
Jessie Oleson Moore
Stretching when you rise and shine will set the tone for your whole day.
Joni Sweet
Hear that? It's sunshine and fresh air calling your name! So rather than head to your usual indoor yoga studio, why not roll up that customized yoga mat and bring it outdoors? With these expert tips, you could be flowing with Mother Nature in no time.
Kristen Pope
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