Chain Piecing

  • Chain Piecing
    An update for our customers

  • Chain piecing is fast, saves thread and can lead to more accurate piecing. By feeding one pair of fabric directly after the next, and piecing in batches rather than pressing after each seam, you’ll find your quilts come together in a flash.

    1. 1. Sew the First Seam

      Line up your first pair of fabric so the edge that'll be sewn is on the right. Start sewing the block with your desired seam allowance.

      When you get to the end of the block, stop sewing and make sure the needle is in the down position.

    2. 2. Add Another Pair

      Add your next pair of fabric and continue to sew. Repeat this process as needed.

    3. 3. Press and Snip

      Leaving the blocks attached, use an iron to press the blocks open.

      Clip the threads between blocks to separate them.

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