Clean Your Sewing Machine

  • Machine Maintenance
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    Machine Maintenance

  • Fact: the nicer you are to your sewing machine, the better it will behave. And if you want it to stay in tip-top shape, it's important to give it a good cleaning. Here's what you should be doing about every eight hours of use.

  • Pro Tip

    • The last thing you want to do is take apart your machine incorrectly or clean it wrong. Before you get started, check your manual for a go-to guide on how often it needs to be maintained, and what exactly works for your model. Accidentally toss your manual? Hop on the computer — you'll likely find it online.

    1. 1. Take the Machine Apart

      First, unplug your machine. Take out the bobbin casing, lower the race cover and remove the hook. Take off the presser foot and throat plate.

    2. 2. Grab a Brush

      Brush out any lint that's built up in the bobbin casing and throat plate.

      Pro Tip

      • Most machines come with a small plastic brush, though any anti-static brush or pipe cleaner will work. (You can usually find them at office supply stores.) Skip canned air though: it can invalidate your machine's warranty and push lint further into the machine.

    3. 3. Oil the Machine

      Check your manual for detailed instructions on if, when and how to oil your machine. (Some are self-lubricating, so if that's the case you can — and should! — skip this step.)

      Pro Tip

      • A little oil goes a long way and yes, it's totally possible to over-oil your machine. If that's happened, run some muslin or scrap fabric through the machine until it comes out clean and without oil stains.

    4. 4. Reassemble the Machine

      Place the hook, bobbin casing and throat plate back in their respective places. Change your needle and reattach the presser foot. Replace the bobbin, thread your machine and you're ready to sew!

      Pro Tip

      • Keep your machine in tip top shape by scheduling regular maintenance with a sewing machine repair person. Just like maintaining your car, occasionally having your machine serviced will keep it humming quilt after quilt.

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