Cutting Fabric Strips

  • Cutting Strips
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  • The easiest way to quickly cut several same-size fabric pieces starts with fabric strips. And If you're not buying precuts, you need to know how to slice through your materials accurately. This technique teaches you how to cut width-of-fabric strips as quickly as possible, getting you to the good stuff — piecing and quilting — ASAP!

  • Pro Tip

    • Cutting accuracy is key to success in piecing your quilt top. To avoid blocks that measure short, place the ruler line on top of your fabric, rather than butting the fabric edge just to the side of the ruler line.

    1. 1. Prep Your Fabric

      Fold your fabric in half, aligning the selvage edges. (If you're short on space, fold again, aligning your initial fold with the selvage.) Using your quilting ruler and rotary cutter, cut off the raw edge of the fabric, squaring the cut with the fold line.

    2. 2. Measure and Cut

      Using your quilting ruler, measure the width needed from the cut edge. Align a straight ruler line with the fold, then cut.

    3. 3. Check Your Cut

      Open the strip to make sure it's straight. If it's not, re-fold the fabric and start again with a fresh cut.

      Pro Tip

      • For narrower strips, minimize how much you move the ruler and fabric by measuring out twice the distance needed for the finished strip. Cut a strip at this measurement, then move your ruler back to the finished width and cut again. You'll get two strips and only move the ruler once!

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    Cutting Fabric Strips