Hooping Fabric for Hand Embroidery

  • You'll use an embroidery hoop for almost every hand embroidery project you make. Getting your tension just right and your design centered in the hoop will set you up for stitching success.

  • Pro Tip

    • There are a lot of different types of embroidery hoops you can use when stitching, but no matter which you choose, you'll follow these same basic steps to get your fabric hooped.

    1. 1. Separate your hoop and set aside the outer hoop. If you're using a plastic hoop, like the one shown here, position the inner hoop so that the text reading "This Side Up" is facing you.

    2. 2. Position your fabric over the inner hoop. If you have a design already traced onto your fabric, center it (or the part of your design you'll start stitching) over the hoop.

    3. 3. Unscrew the nut on the outer hoop until it's almost completely off. Stretch the outer hoop over the fabric and inner hoop. If you're using a plastic hoop, make sure the lip of the inner hoop snaps into place over the outer hoop.

    4. 4. Begin tightening the nut on the outer hoop and gently tug at the fabric to take out the slack. Continue tightening and tugging until the fabric is taut. Your fabric should feel like the top of a drum.

      Pro Tip

      • If your piece of fabric is large and there's a lot of excess hanging around your hoop, roll it up and safety pin it out of the way. This will make it easier for you to stitch.

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    Hooping Fabric for Hand Embroidery