Knit Two Together (K2tog)

  • The knit two together (k2tog) is a right-leaning decrease, which means it combines two stitches into one. When you look at the finished stitch, you'll notice it slants slightly to the right.

  • Pro TIp

    • The k2tog and ssk are often referred to as "paired decreases" — which means you might use both in a project, keeping a right slant on one side of your project, and a left on the other side.

    1. 1. Bring your right needle through the second stitch on your left needle, from left to right, and through the first stitch left to right, treating them as one stitch.

    2. 2. Wrap your yarn around the right needle, and between the two needles.

    3. 3. Pull the right needle through both stitches on the left needle, pulling the yarn through and onto your right needle.

    4. 4. Drop both stitches from your left needle.

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    Knit Two Together (K2tog)