Make One Right (M1R)

  • Make 1 Right and Left
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  • The make one (M1) increase is pretty common in knitting — it increases one stitch by working into the row below. The increase can either slant to the right (M1R), as we'll demonstrate here, or to the left (M1L). If your pattern doesn't specify which direction to make one, take your pick and continue to use the same increase throughout.

    1. 1. Gently pull your knitting apart to locate the horizontal bar between the stitches on your needles.

    2. 2. Insert the left needle tip under the horizontal bar, going from back to front. This forms a new stitch on your left needle.

      Pro Tip

      • If you're having trouble getting your left needle under that horizontal bar, try using your right needle to give the bar a lift, or even pick it up with your fingers and slide the stitch into place.

    3. 3. Knit the new stitch on your left needle through the front, as you would a normal knit stitch. Because you're twisting the new stitch as you work, this stitch will feel a little tight — that's normal!

  • Pro Tip

    • If you're having trouble remembering which way to lift the horizontal bar for a right vs. left leaning increase, just think of this phrase: "I'll be right back, I left the front door open." For a right increase, lift from the back; left increase, lift from the front.

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