Pin Basting

  • Pin Basting
    An update for our customers

  • Basting is a temporary way to hold the layers of your quilt together, and pin basting works particularly well so your layers don't shift around as you start quilting your fabric.

  • Pro Tip

    • Open your batting and unfold it about 24 hours ahead of when you plan to baste to help minimize creases.

    1. 1. Prep Your Backing Fabric

      First, give your backing fabric a good press. (If you haven't already, do the same with your quilt top). Tape the backing fabric wrong side up to your working surface.

    2. 2. Layer Your Materials

      Place your batting on top of your backing fabric. Add your quilt top, right side up. Use a quilting ruler to smooth out all the layers.

      Good to Know

      • For large quilts, your batting and backing pieces should both be 4" larger than your finished quilt top around all sides. Consider the design you'll be quilting when you place the pins to make their removal easier as you quilt – you want to avoid pinning through seams.

    3. 3. Pin the Layers

      Starting from the center and working your way out, use quilter's safety pins to secure all three layers in place. Each pin should be about 4 to 6" apart, as needed. Be sure the pin goes through all three layers each time.

    4. 4. Remove the Tape

      Once all the pins are in place, take off your tape. Now you're ready to quilt!

      Pro Tip

      • Store your basting pins open in a secure place — that way you won't need to close each safety pin as you remove them from your quilt!

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