Pinning Fabric

  • Practice: Stitches & Seams
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  • Using pins will help you keep your fabric in place until you've had a chance to actually sew it together. Remember, never sew over your pins — for safety, you should always remove them as you get to them.

    1. 1. Position your fabric, laying the two pieces you intend to sew on top of each other. This will usually call for the right sides of the fabric to be facing each other, but follow your pattern instructions.

    2. 2. Insert your first pin, going through both layers. Place the pin perpendicular to where the seam line will be, with the head of the pin sticking out where the seam allowance will be. (This will make it easier to pull them out as you're stitching.)

    3. 3. Add a second pin in the same manner. Your pins should be about a hands' width apart.

      Pro Tip

      • If you're stitching around a curve, you may need to place your pins closer together.

    4. 4. Continue pinning along all edges you plan to seam.

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    Pinning Fabric