Pressing Seams Open

  • Pressing Seams Open
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    Pressing Seams Open

  • Pressing seams helps keep your quilt top flat for easier quilting. While you'll use a bunch of different methods throughout the quilting process, this one helps control bulk when a lot of them intersect.

    1. 1. Flatten Your Seams

      Set the seam by pressing it with the iron right after you sew it.

    2. 2. Open the Fabric

      With the wrong side of the fabric facing up, open the piece. Finger press the seam open.

      Pro Tip

      • Spray starch helps your seams stay crisp. For best results, spritz your seams before you press, and use a dry iron with no steam.

    3. 3. Press the Seams Open

      Press with the iron, being careful not to move it side-to-side as that can stretch and distort the fabric.

      Pro Tip

      • Keep your fingers out of the way of the iron. Use the tip of the iron to further open the seams while you press, and go slow.

    4. 4. Give It a Second Press

      Flip the piece over so the right side faces up and press again.

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    Pressing Seams Open