Standard Bind-Off

  • How to Bind Off Stitches
    An update for our customers

  • While there are plenty of ways to bind off your stitches, this version will get the job done in almost every situation. Just keep it loose, and you'll be golden.

    1. 1. Knit two stitches.

    2. 2. Use your left needle tip and insert it left to right through the first stitch you knit.

    3. 3. Pull this stitch over the second stitch on your right needle and off.

      Pro Tip

      • To help keep the second stitch on your needle as you pass the first stitch over, hold onto it with a finger!

    4. 4. Knit one stitch — there are now two stitches on your right needle again.

    5. 5. Pull the second stitch over the first, and off the needle.

    6. 6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until one stitch remains.

    7. 7. Cut your yarn, leaving a 6-inch tail. Pull your tail through the last stitch to fasten.

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    Standard Bind-Off