Straight Line Quilting

  • Straight Line Quilting
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    Straight Line Quilting

  • Straight line quilting is a simple and effective way to finish your quilts. You can do it on a home machine, and you only have to worry about moving your quilt in one direction. Play with the width between your lines of stitching for a denser or more airy effect.

    1. 1. Prepare Your Machine

      Install a walking foot on your sewing machine. Make sure that the bar is resting on top of the needle clamp screw — this will ensure your feed dogs and walking foot are in sync.

      Set your machine to a longer stitch length. Start somewhere between 2.5 and 3.5, finding the length that works best for you.

    2. 2. Start Stitching

      Position your quilt under the walking foot and pull up the bobbin thread.

      Backstitch to secure your stitches, then sew along the length of the quilt. Let the foot guide the fabric through the machine — don't push it through yourself. When you get to the end, backstitch again and trim your threads.

      Pro Tip

      • If you're getting inconsistent stitches, check your presser foot — it may be too high. If you're seeing puckers or indentations near your stitches, the presser foot may be too low.

    3. 3. Stitch More Lines

      Stitch your subsequent lines the same way. For evenly spaced lines, line up your presser foot with the previous line of stitching. For wider lines, adjust your needle position.

      Pro Tip

      • If you want more control over how you space your lines, mark them ahead of time. There are plenty of tools that can help you do this; you just have to find one that works best for you.

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    Straight Line Quilting