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  • Master the the very dessert that got Jasmine temporarily eliminated from MasterChef Junior: s'mores cupcakes with seven-minute frosting!
  • See how to make a delicious lavender cream for a cherry clafoutis tart. Fill your tart with fruit and custard, then bake to perfection. Afterwards, Gesine shares a seasonal variation: ginger-pear clafoutis tart.
  • Master the step-by-step process to making a show-stopping tomato-bacon galette. Afterwards, Fr. Dominic teaches you how to create his whole-wheat stuffing bread so you can enjoy the comforting flavors of Thanksgiving year-round!
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  • Eggs do so many incredible things in baking that it almost defies belief. Really, you'll think, they can do that, and that, and that too?
    Jessie Oleson Moore
  • No doubt about it, cake pops are fun. But while these bite-sized cakes on a stick can be a blast to eat, making them can turn into a not-so-fun affair, especially when those super-sweet morsels fall off the stick, crack, leak or are just plain lumpy.
    Wendy McGowan
  • Decorating cakes is an art, but baking cakes is a little more science-y. Get it wrong and you might end up with a cake that's dry, wet, tough, crumbly or flawed in some other deeply tragic way.
    Jessie Oleson Moore
  • Cupcakes are a perfect little dessert — totally adorable, crazy-delicious, sooooo easy to make ... actually, scratch that last part.
    Felicity and Krystle
  • When it comes to convenience, you gotta give props to cake mix. But when it comes to flavor, texture and just about everything else, literally no one would ever pick a cake from a box over one baked from scratch.
    Jessie Oleson Moore
  • Every great pie starts with a carefully constructed crust. But, tragically, that's also the most intimidating part. To set you up for pie success, we're sharing a few of baker extraordinaire Gesine Bullock-Prado's top tips. These little nuggets of expert advice come from Gesine's class, Pies & Tarts for Every Season — consider this an exclusive sneak peek.
  • Cake may just be the happiest food. Think about all the wonderful cakes in the world — angel food, red velvet, strawberry shortcake, birthday cake. Feels good, right?
    Jessie Oleson Moore
  • Who needs a campfire? Whether it’s a rainy day, a snowy day, or a plain old Tuesday, all that’s really required are three perfect elements (you know what they are), and the gooey goodness of these next-gen s’mores can be all yours. (Finger licking not mandatory, but completely encouraged.)
    Nicole Weston

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