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The secret to making the cutest cake? Add an animal!
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It’s beginning to look a lot like ... Easter! And by that we mean cute, fluffy bunnies are everywhere. This rabbit cake’s magic is all in the piping: You’ll use a multi-opening tip (aka grass tip) to get the fuzzy fur look. Just add fondant details, and this bunny's in business.
No fancy fondant skills or cupboard full of cake decorating tools required for this narwhal magic! That cute whale shape? Yup, it's your favorite snack cake hiding under there.
No need to stand at the counter slicing cake while your friends and family boogey the night away. Pull-apart cakes — made by frosting over the tops of cupcakes — make for a fun self-serve dessert situation.
Erin Gardner
Well, owl be darned! Making an owl cake is easier than it seems. Save complex cake carving for another day, and whip up this feathery cutie with a few simple tools and treats from the grocery store.
Erin Gardner
As March rolls around and the little birdies begin to chirp, it can only mean one thing: Spring is on its way! Birds become an exceedingly popular theme, making the perfect motif for seasonal birthdays, as well as love birds for weddings and bridal showers or feathering momma bird's nest at a baby shower.
Lynlee North Beckett
According to folkloric tradition, every February 2nd we anxiously await the groundhog to emerge from its burrow to witness whether the creature will see its shadow, consequently indicating another six weeks of Winter!
Lynlee North Beckett
Pug dogs are not only adorably cute with their tightly curled-up tails and sweet "boggly" eyes, but when modeled out of fondant, they make rather fetching cupcake and cake toppers — perfect for birthday treats or thank you gifts. We especially love the idea of a pair of super cute personalized pug dogs perched atop a wedding cake to mimic the happy couple!
Felicity and Krystle
Though owls are predominantly nocturnal birds of prey, these creatures have taken on a new role as precious, cuddly creatures popular for fall celebrations, such as Thanksgiving dinner, as well as baby showers and birthdays. And owl you need to learn how to make this cupcake topper is this simple, step-by-step tutorial!
Lynlee North Beckett
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  • Create your best buttercream ruffles with this convenient set – perfect for embellishing baby shower, birthday and wedding cakes.
  • A lot of time and care goes into creating cakes that bring a smile to everyone at the party! Make sure your cakes are properly stabilized as they're transported with the 12 inch Wilton Circle Cake Boards. Made from strong corrugated cardboard, these essential boards are also perfect for supporting and separating multi-tier cakes.
  • The quality is worth getting excited about — the convenience is just icing on the cake. The Ateco Disposable Bags on a Roll offer incredible grip, featuring a soft, pliable polyethylene construction that will help you take command of your cake decorating.
  • Bring dogs, cats or any long-haired animals to life in cake! With this Long Fur Mat from Marvelous Molds, you'll be able to create the look of animal fur quickly and easily. Designed by sugar artist extraordinaire Elisa Strauss, this food-grade silicone mat produces incredibly realistic results. Get yours today to create cakes that look like they might bark, meow or roar at any minute.
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Etty van Urk
Eddy Mannak
Eddy Mannak

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