Birthday Cakes
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Celebrate your birthday in a big way with these stunning cakes.
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Everything you need to start decorating.
Jenny McCoy
Jenny McCoy
Get started making cake pops that wow at cocktail parties, bridal showers, birthday parties and beyond!
Kris Galicia Brown
Kris Galicia Brown
Re-create your favorite DC super heroes in the form of dazzling desserts! Join cookie artist and comic book fan Stephanie Kappel as she creates an array of character cookies for the ultimate super hero party. Whether you're an experienced decorator or just love comics, you'll find something sweet to sink your teeth into.
Stephanie Kappel
Stephanie Kappel
If you've ever written HAPPY BRTHDAY on a cake that was absolutely perfect until the moment you grabbed the piping bag, then you know why writing on cakes freaks people out. The fear is real.
Wendy McGowan
You'll go back to this basic buttercream by Joshua John Russell again and again, whether you keep it classic or change it up with new flavors. Oreos and mint are just the beginning!
Learn essential buttercream techniques for cakes worth celebrating.
Lauren Bozich & Marianne Carroll
Lauren Bozich & Marianne Carroll
Discover birthday cake designs so easy, they’re like a wish come true.
Elizabeth LaBau
Elizabeth LaBau
Let your imagination run wild with awe-inspiring cakes.
Rosie Cake-Diva
Rosie Cake-Diva
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  • The quickest way to elevate a birthday? Throw some gold onto it. This eye-catching cake topper from Meri Meri shouts “Happy Birthday” in gold glitter acrylic script, immediately adding shimmer, shine, and a whole lot of glitz.
  • Sure, you could get a certain number of birthday candles to signify the guest of honor’s age. But that may be too revealing (or potentially cause a fire hazard). Instead, opt for this luxe, two-wick, oversized candle that age-agnostically declares “Happy Birthday” in vibrant, multicolored script.
  • Candles: good. Star-shaped candles: great. Star-shaped candles that are also sparklers? The absolute best. With gold glitter that turns into a sparkler when lit, this candle may not be the easiest to blow out, but we think the guest of honor will be starstruck all the same.
  • Make birthdays extra special with a custom cutter made just for Craftsy!
  • Level-up your cake (literally!) with this set of 16 extra-long candles from Meri Meri. The height adds elegance while the silver adds shine, and near-invisible plastic holders help stabilize these feats of waxen architecture. Suffice it to say, these are the ultimate finishing touch.
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