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  • Your suggestions and votes from the MAC flavor contest inspired this piña colada cake! JJR channels the taste of the tropics with coconut and pineapple atop textured buttercream tiers.
  • Succulent plants are fascinating to look at, in a desert or on a dessert. Seriously, just check out the piped-buttercream design above. The shapes! The colors!
    Erin Gardner
    Erin Gardner
  • Create delicious and delightful burger cupcake sliders, perfect for adding servings without affecting the size or scale of your burger cake! See how quickly these come together, and gather Lauren's tips for making your cupcake tops look like bakery buns. Add a chocolate cake "patty" and buttercream condiments and arrange your sliders in a basket with modeling chocolate fries for the perfect addition to any order!
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  • We're all for getting your hands dirty (or in this case, coated in sugar). Getting all up in it is the best way to master any new skill. But there are some lessons that you really don’t need to learn the hard way. So we asked a few professional decorators to spill the secrets they wish they’d known from the get-go.
    Kristin Doherty
  • You'll go back to this basic buttercream by Joshua John Russell again and again, whether you keep it classic or change it up with new flavors. Oreos and mint are just the beginning!
  • Sure, the cake decorating world is full of fancy piping tips, clever cutters and specialty tools you can use to create amazing effects. But that doesn't mean you have to buy out the store to get started. In fact, it's way better to start with the basics: pick up just what you need to nail that perfectly smooth, flawless fondant or buttercream surface. Once you've mastered that key skill, the rest is just... icing.
    Wendy McGowan
  • If you've ever written HAPPY BRTHDAY on a cake that was absolutely perfect until the moment you grabbed the piping bag, then you know why writing on cakes freaks people out. The fear is real.
    Wendy McGowan

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