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  • Normally we’d hazard against lighting a fire in the desert, but we’ll make an exception for these absolutely adorable cactus candles from Meri Meri. With three unique designs (two candles of each), you can easily bring the succulent garden trend to any celebration—without the worry of getting pricked.
  • Level-up your cake (literally!) with this set of 16 extra-long candles from Meri Meri. The height adds elegance while the silver adds shine, and near-invisible plastic holders help stabilize these feats of waxen architecture. Suffice it to say, these are the ultimate finishing touch.
  • Candles: good. Star-shaped candles: great. Star-shaped candles that are also sparklers? The absolute best. With gold glitter that turns into a sparkler when lit, this candle may not be the easiest to blow out, but we think the guest of honor will be starstruck all the same.
  • Star light, star bright, help me dress up my cake tonight! This set of 12 cake topper stars from Meri Meri is made from gold glitter embedded in acrylic for an authentically twinkly effect. Use them on individual pastries, or create a constellation effect on a full-size cake. Either way, they’re a wish come true.
  • Hip hip hooray! This gorgeous cake topper from Meri Meri works for any type of celebration—birthday, bridal shower, new job, Saturday—and that’s what makes it extra special. The cheer is spelled out with clear iridescent acrylic, and the toppers are embellished with silver and colorful twine, making it festive for everything and everybody.
  • Whether your celebration is nautical or patriotic (or something in between), the blue cupcake kit from Meri Meri is sure to make your heart sing. With four styles of cupcake liners (royal blue stripes, teal stripes, grey stars, and green stars) and silver glitter star toppers, this kit will make your ‘cakes look high-style in no time flat.
  • We’re hard-pressed to think of any pairing prettier than flowers and pastries, and now you can bring them together as one with the Flower Bouquet cupcake kit from Meri Meri. The 12 flower toppers come in three designs of carefully crafted crepe paper, and they absolutely bloom atop the accompanying gold foil baking liners.
  • Sure, you could get a certain number of birthday candles to signify the guest of honor’s age. But that may be too revealing (or potentially cause a fire hazard). Instead, opt for this luxe, two-wick, oversized candle that age-agnostically declares “Happy Birthday” in vibrant, multicolored script.
  • It’s not a birthday celebration until someone arrives with a platter of cupcakes, and this kit from Meri Meri ensures they will catch everyone’s eye. With 48 cupcake liners in four colorways and 24 gold mylar tassel toppers, this kit leaves no doubt that the party has started.
  • A baby shower is sort of a last hurrah before the realities of parenting set in. So make sure the celebration is extra fun and sparkly with this beautiful bunting cake topper. With pastel shapes, bright neon tassels, and neutral lettering, this “BABY” garland may just make her cry. (Although that could be the hormones.)
  • Steps of eating a cupcake: 1. Bite off the top with all the pretty frosting. 2. Stare at the sad stump that was left behind. If you want to end that cycle, dress the bottoms to be as cute as the tops with these charming pastel cupcake liners from Meri Meri. With 100 cases in a variety of colors, these liners will help you stand out for many celebrations to come.
  • Want to double down on the magic of birthday wishes? Add this cake topper to your celebration! The glittery-gold shooting star with a rainbow ribbon tail adds color, fun, and whimsy—and, of course, a bonus wish for the candle-blower!
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