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  • Add some sparkling magic to your desserts—without adding any synthetics. These natural sprinkles are made with plant-based food colors derived from concentrated vegetables. The set includes orange, green, pink, purple, white, yellow, and rainbow, for a prismatic spectrum of sweetness!
  • Decorating and icing sheet cakes is a breeze with this rotating rectangular cake stand.
  • Saying "I do" has never been so sweet! This bundle comes with all of the decorating tools you need to make bride and groom cupcakes. Perfect for engagement parties and bridal showers!
  • Make wow-worthy cakes with this must-have mold. The only mold for making beautiful sugar twine, it lets you create stunning wreaths, halos, borders, foliage and vines in next to no time!
  • Crafters of all kinds will love this easy-to-use mold! Create a patchwork quilt of knit and crochet patterns on all types of sweets.
  • Make some magic with this silicone mold. Use it to quickly and easily create mermaid (or even dragon!) scales for stunning “under the sea” themed cakes.
  • Put some tweet in your sweets with this stunning silicone mold from Karen Davies. Use it to create two beautiful, realistic birds for animal, woodland, or nature-themed cakes and cupcakes.
  • Make any day feel like autumn with this lovely silicone mold from Karen Davies. Complete with two maple leaves, berries, a bare branch and a sprig, it’s perfect for fall weddings, Halloween treats, rustic cakes and woodland-themed creations.
  • Step up your sweets with with this versatile silicone mold. Not only is it flexible and durable, but also freezer, microwave and oven safe. Use it for baking, mousse, chocolate and more — the possibilities are endless!
  • Built bakery-tough, this heavy-duty cooling and baking rack is a must-have for any kitchen craft.
  • This silicone baking mat is a dream come true! Use less parchment paper, flour, oils and sprays thanks to its incredible non-stick surface.
  • Make a splash with this bundle of marine silicone molds!
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