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  • When you're talking about color, sometimes less is really more. Especially when you swap dayglo frosting frills for an unexpected cool, glittery monochrome theme that's literally out of this world.
    Erin Gardner
  • Nothing says winter fun like building a snowman! But if you're short on the white stuff, this cake is your next best bet. Even better: Our melting snowman cake tutorial is the perfect easy project for newbies to hone their fondant skills.
    Felicity and Krystle
  • Bakers, put down your piping bags! In my never-ending pursuit for quicker, easier and more painless ways to create beautiful and delicious things, I decided to tackle one of my (previously) least favorite things to make — sugar cookies decorated with royal icing (Check out this class to learn if you are so inclined!) . As my luck would have it, they're also my son's favorite special treat. He passes up cupcakes and cake, but always goes for the cookies. 
    Erin Gardner
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