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  • Every crocheter knows that their craft is addictive, but this Repartee Shawl crochet kit takes it to the next level. With a playful, easy-to-remember stitch pattern and very little finishing, this sweet and colorful asymmetric shawl knits up in no time. Just fasten the final stitch, weave in the ends, and it’s ready to wear.
  • Bobbles are easily the most playful crochet stitch, and this cowl is covered with them! Just two skeins of super bulky yarn work up into this texture-rich scarf, which is as quick and easy to complete as it is fun to wear!
  • Add a little oomph to your neckline with the Heywood Cowl crochet kit! Create the shape by weaving in simple increases and decreases, then watch how the spike stitches add rich texture and brilliant color variations. Worked sideways and seamed, this fun cowl is easy to make and wholly unique!
  • Looking for some soft accents that are both rustic and refined? These farmhouse-style pillows have a classic design while allowing you to crochet in some character as well! All you need is basic crochet knowledge (think: reverse single crochet stitch and center single crochet stitch), and you’re on your way to handmade comfort!
  • Fact: There’s nothing more charming than a bobble. Those adorable round crochet balls are not only easy to make, but they also add pops of fun and whimsy to any project. In the Oasis Bobble Pillow Crochet Kit, the bobbles are arranged in a contemporary diamond pattern, creating a 3D element that is both playful and impressive!
  • You’ve already crocheted plenty of blankets—now you need baskets to store them in! These quick and easy crochet baskets come in three sizes that nest together perfectly. Made with Sprightly Acrylic Wool Super Bulky Yarn, each basket is worked in a center single crochet stitch. Add the rope handles and enjoy a rustic farmhouse touch, perfect for any room in your home!
  • Delicate and dainty crochet lace interplays with textured popcorn stitches, and together they create an unexpected and ultra-feminine yoke. The Joilee Top is worked top down in the round, allowing its length to be customized to your own individual style, from crop to tunic.
  • If you’ve ever dreamt of cuddling up in a cloud, this cozy cardigan is as close as you’ll ever get. With a modern chunky style, a wide ribbed color, and pockets (yay!), this quick and easy design is worked from the side across. The pattern uses basic crochet stitches throughout, so it’s approachable for almost any crochet level. This kit comes with silky soft Sprightly Yarns Acrylic Super Bulky.
  • Bring this Clouded Skies blanket back to its natural environment: The outdoors! Whether you need a sweet throw for laying out a picnic, or you’re snuggling up on those cool summer nights, this blanket is perfectly lightweight. Featuring fun shell and lattice stitch patterns that are worked in long sections to show off the striping, Clouded Skies is an ideal “on the go” project.
  • Give your living space a little log cabin allure with this warm and cozy throw. Featuring a tight, mid-weight yarn and a rustic design of neutral earth tones, this blanket will have you feeling like you’re cozying up to a crackling fire (even if you’re just watching one on TV).
  • Ready to try your hand at a ruana? The Sage cardigan is beginner-friendly: you just need to know how to work a single crochet, a double crochet, and how to work in the front and back loops. When finished, you’ll have a fun, versatile, and flowy accessory that’s perfect for layering, no matter the seasons.
  • While the design of the Sweet Serendipity Blanket may look like a happy accident, the “imperfect” finish is actually very intentional. Using a combination of fun and unique crochet, this pattern comes with plenty of tutorials for any stitches that are beyond the basic—plus Sprightly Spectrum yarn in a lovely color palette.
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