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  • Approach your next work of art with a better understanding of anatomy. Learn the lines and shapes of the human body that are sure to make your pieces even more realistic and impactful.
  • The first book of its kind, this essential reference is a must-have for every acrylic painter. Expert Rhéni Tauchid demystifies this daunting subject with clear explanations and strategies to enhance your painting practice. Step-by-step demos show you how to create vibrant colors, sensuous services, and striking visual effects.
  • Wish you could draw your own works of art? This box has everything you need to hit the ground running, including: smooth-glide graphite pencils, blending stumps and more. Pair it with our beginner-friendly [Startup Library: Learn to Draw](https://mybluprint.com/playlist/startup-library-learn-to-draw/11383) (free with your membership!) and learn to draw in no time at all.
  • Wish you could draw your own works of art? This box has everything you need to hit the ground running, including: pencils, erasers, specialty brushes and more! Pair it with our beginner-friendly [Startup Library: Colored Pencil class](https://mybluprint.com/playlist/startup-library-colored-pencil/11541) (free with your membership!) and create eye-catching pieces in no time at all.
If you’ve ever thought about creating works of art with colored pencils, this box is just the thing to get you started. We’ve rounded up all the tools you need for your first projects, including pencils, erasers, specialty brushes, and more! We’re excited to see what you draw with the help of colored pencil artist Susan Rubin — so buy the kit and then head on over to our Startup Library: Colored Pencil class to dive in.
Discover how to create subtle variations in value to both the light and dark areas of your drawings. Sharlena illustrates how to apply these techniques to other animals, such as high-key portraits of polar bears and low-key portraits of black bears.
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