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  • Horses are a great place to start, but these basic sketching methods can be applied to drawing any animal accurately. It's all about taking the time to really study your reference photo (we provided a few for you!), then gradually building up from raw shapes to fine details. Give it a little practice, and you'll be surprised how quickly your skills improve!
  • Meet your instructor, artist Kerry Brooks, and begin your journey to create polished, lifelike portraits with realistic skin tones and hair textures. First, Kerry advises you on her favorite materials -- from paper and pencils to erasers and other accessories -- and her preferred drawing setup. Then, explore what makes a good source photo as Kerry shares what she looks for when choosing a subject and what elements to avoid.
  • Meet Colin Bradley and start class by diving right into your first project: a tabby cat drawing. Start your drawing at the top and work your way down to the ears and top of the head. You'll learn how to layer and blend colors to create realistic fur texture.
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