• Take a look at your closet: What have you already embroidered? It's likely that a T-shirt, jacket, and maybe even monogrammed pajamas are in there — and that's great. But here's an off-the-T-shirt way to showcase your stitching in style.
  • You protect your eyes with cool sunglasses, why not protect your glasses with a cute in-the-hoop sunglasses case? Sara will show you how easy it is to create a case that is functional and adorable.
  • Every style blogger worth her selfie is posting summer snaps with a glass of rosé in one hand and straw beach bag in the other. And with good reason: the bags are roomy, durable, and pretty darn cute. (Plus, sand just shakes right out of them.) What's not so cute: how crazy-expensive they can be, sometimes upwards of $150, especially when they have embroidery or other embellishments. Say goodbye to your #summervibes budget.
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  • While there are a slew of beginner embroidery projects you could tackle right this second, what about when you want to expand your horizons? These techniques go way beyond basic stitches and materials for a whole range of gorgeous textural effects. Your projects are about to hit a new high.
  • Watercolor painting and embroidery. Both great art forms. But have you considered a mash-up? (Bear with us here!) Hey, it works for the most unlikely musician pairings, and it will work here. In fact, adding thread to a watercolor work will definitely add a robust new dimension to your work — a unique sculptural effect that will draw admirers.
    Sara Barnes
  • The French knot is one of those hand embroidery stitches that's either your best friend or your worst enemy. They're tricky, but (sigh) they're also really useful. Cluster them together for a dense, textured filling. Scatter them loosely for an airy lightness to your embroidery. Or make isolated stitches if your design needs a little punctuation. So don't let a bad experience shake you — we can help you nail this.
    Mary Corbet
  • Instagram is the place for embroiderers to show off their creations, and we can't get enough. From stunning hoop art crafted in the satin stitch to oh-so-fancy beading, you'll find loads of inspiration for your own embroidery (or at the very least, a daily dose of eye candy) when you follow these artists.
    Sara Barnes
  • I first tackled embroidery in middle school — I mean, who DIDN’T want an embellished denim shirt in the mid-70s? Unfortunately, I was teaching myself, using random supplies I found in my mom’s sewing stash. That little brown puppy design definitely didn't turn out as cute as I’d envisioned. Luckily, nothing could kill my budding textile obsession.
  • Embroidery is everywhere, and its latest cool twist is breaking free of the hoop! We’re in love with the 3D stitchery that extends beyond the traditional flat circle with flowing threads or bumpy flourishes. Get in on the trend with these come-to-life ideas.
    Lindsay Conner
  • Fabrics and yarns get all the love, but you can't complete that gorgeous embroidery project without a solid needle. Keep these tips in mind to help make sure you have the right one in hand.
    Debbie Henry
  • Move over, pencil and pen. We're using our sewing machines to draw. That's right, free-motion machine embroidery uses your basic sewing machine to draw pictures with thread.
    Leigh Bowser
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