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Let your stitches run wild with mixed-media embroidery! Embroiderer Nichole Vogelsinger shows you how to make three boho-chic hoop designs using a combination of stitches, fabrics (great for stash-busting!) and embellishments such as beads, buttons and more.
Nichole Vogelsinger
Nichole Vogelsinger
When you think about hand embroidery, it’s likely that pictures of pretty flowers pop into your head. This project has loads of 'em, created with a gorgeous variety of stitches that really bring on the texture.
Tackle embroidery work on plush textured fabrics! Join Deborah Jones for an introduction to towels, velvet, fleece and more.
Deborah Jones
Deborah Jones
Everywhere we look, hoops are going green — literally! The #PlantLady trend has made it into the embroidery world, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. (Especially those of us who aren’t the best at remembering to water the real deal.)
Noa Aga
Explore the ins and outs of machine embroidery as you create chic matched linens—FREE!
Yvonne Menear
Yvonne Menear
Discover how to embroider speciality fabrics and make gorgeous decor that’s uniquely you!
Pam Damour
Pam Damour
It's way too easy to forget about our beautiful embroidery projects once they're done, and just let them float around the house all neglected.
Kristen Valencia
If you're looking for an embroidery project that brings the wow-factor, look no further. From lush florals bursting with 3D texture, to a barely-there background‚ this stunning hoop has everything we love about hand embroidery. With just a few basic stitches and little bit of know-how, you can stitch up this beauty for yourself.
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