• Nothing says summer quite like this citrusy arrangement! Watch as Carly lines a vase with orange slices and builds a beautiful bouquet bursting with texture (and a little kale).
  • If you're throwing a wedding on a budget, you've got a few things to consider before DIY'ing place cards: They've gotta be easy enough so you can whip up dozens, but you can't sacrifice the beauty. This sweet circle fits the bill — and it's totally customizable to suit your color scheme and style.
  • A massive ball of cheese on the table makes a statement: Welcome to our party! Cheese balls are fun, tasty, lovably retro and easy to make in advance. So go ahead and choose your own cheese-ball adventure. Just don't forget the crackers.
    Jessie Oleson Moore

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  • There are two kinds of people: those who love fresh flowers and those who love them but immediately lament how short-lived they are, and therefore, kind of can't bear to bring them home.
    Wendy Rose Gould
  • Maybe the the stars align and all your friends happen to be available on the same night, so you decide to throw a party at the last minute. Or maybe you scheduled a big shindig weeks ago, but didn't exactly jump on the actual preparations. Either way, it's panic time.
    Caitlin Huson
  • Having friends over for dinner should be something we look forward to, but too often, the pre-party reality feels more like a panic attack. The next time you’re feeling stressed or stretched for time, we give you permission to cut yourself a break by using store-bought ingredients. We promise no one will ever notice.
    Caitlin Huson
  • No matter how many parties I host, somehow planning the menu still feels so stress every single time. I've learned to conquer that hump by master simplification, like this perfectly easy (but still elegant!) cheese and cracker spread. All you'll need to do is make a quick trip to the store and spend a few minutes arranging.
    Erin Alderson
  • Most of us have a sense of what colors we prefer, and can even name a favorite or two. But when it comes to floral decor, there’s a whole lot more to creating a gorgeous color scheme than just pointing to the hues you like best.
    Elizabeth Ellis
  • If a weekend getaway to Napa Valley isn’t in your plans — and let's be real, that's not realistic for the millions of people who don't live within driving distance — how about bringing a bit of the valley to your zip code by hosting a wine-tasting party at home?
    Nicole Weston
  • These days, we don’t have too many moments when it feels right to pull out all the stops in table decor. But a holiday dinner definitely calls for all the sparkle and bling — and how fun is that???
    Wendy Rose Gould
  • There's nothing like a handwritten letter, whether it's a thank-you note, an invitation or a postcard. For me, the best part is that every piece is a blank canvas, and I love embellishing them for my lovely recipients. Being a calligrapher would actually be really handy here, but it's definitely not necessary; in fact, we bet your friends won't even know the difference after you embrace these tips.
    Samantha Zabell
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