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Meet the woman behind the exercise craze that combines drumming with a high-intensity workout.
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Learn Misha's hip-hop choreography that is featured in a commercial-style music video. From start to finish, check out the process of rehearsing in the studio to executing a camera-ready performance!
with Bluprint
1h 23min
In Vytas' Yoga Basics course, flow through three classes structured to be easy to follow with simple exercises. Focus on achieving strength, mobility and balance as you work through your practice.
with Bluprint
Learn essential stretches for before and after your run to get the most out of your exercise and to prevent injury.
with Bluprint
2h 6min
Radius Beginner Bootcamp is a great start for any fitness level. Trainer Basheerah Ahmad leads you in workouts from the basics all the way to interval training. No equipment is needed for this all-around training program. Get ready for a bootcamp that really kicks.
with Bluprint
3h 22min
Meet yoga instructor Caley Alyssa and follow her through six yoga sessions, each with a different goal and focus. From AM to PM to Stretch to Core, Transcend’s offerings go beyond the generic yoga class and are guaranteed to fit your specific needs and interests.
with Bluprint
1h 17min
Heavy Kettle lets you get a grip on fitness by building muscle, improving strength and getting functional training. No shiny bars or gym sets; this is classic kettlebell all the way. Trainer Alex Isaly designed this program with three individual kettlebell workouts mixed with body-weight training. Your only prescription: more kettlebell!
with Bluprint
Master trainer Alex Isaly will teach you 10 of the most popular cardio and strength training moves and how to do them properly.
with Bluprint
Yoga Basics is here to help you perfect your yoga technique. Caley Alyssa will take you through 20 yoga moves and poses ranging from beginner to more intermediate, so you'll be ready to take on Transcend.
with Bluprint
5h 57min
Take a proactive approach to your health and well-being using integrative treatments.
with Brent A. Bauer, M.D.
6h 7min
Start your holistic journey to a healthier mind and body.
with Heidi Sormaz
18h 50min
Uncover the remarkable, life-changing benefits of staying fit.
with Dean Hodgkin
3h 5min
Unlock your memory’s vast, untapped potential.
with Peter M. Vishton
12h 56min
Understand your own body better than ever before.
with Michael Ormsbee
6h 20min
Maximize your energy for a more invigorating life.
with Kimberlee Bethany Bonura, Ph.D.
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