Healthy Eating
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Get lasting insights into the importance of nutritious cooking for a healthy and happy lifestyle. Both of your instructors offer you in-depth advice on how to organize your kitchen, stock your pantry, practice mindful eating and plan healthier options for meals, snacks and desserts.
Work with fruit-based substitutes for white sugar as you sweeten granola bites with banana purée, and chocolate chip cookies with coconut sugar.
The key to eating your veggies with pleasure is the sauces, spreads, dressings and dips you'll make in this lesson. Find out how to build incredible flavor without adding excess calories, fat or sodium as you make vegetable-based dips, a delicious Greek vinaigrette, a traditional chimichurri marinade and a mole simmer sauce.
Consider the hormones that drive hunger cues and how your body responds to different foods. Find out why high fructose corn syrup is bad for you and why exercise might not help you lose much weight.
Learn how to give your grains a warmer, sweeter flavor as Anna demonstrates quick, easy recipes you can make ahead of time that are perfect for any day of the week. Steam quinoa in coconut milk and learn the visual cues that will tell you when it's ready. Then put together oatmeal with whole grains in your slow cooker at night for a delicious, hearty meal that's guaranteed to get your day off to a great start.
Looking for a healthier jam recipe that's free of preservatives and heaping cups of sugar? We've got you covered! And this recipe isn't designed for canning, so you can skip that step too. All you need is about 15 minutes and 3 ingredients to create your very own quick homemade jam.
by Ashley McLaughlin
Learn how to purée using the metal blade! George will teach you the chemistry behind emulsions while making a delicious homemade mayonnaise, herb aioli and hummus. Then, cream with the metal blade to make a delectable cream cheese frosting. Finally, purée nut butters and gorgonzola-onion butter.
Now turn to the politics of eating a plant-based diet. What are the health benefits of vegetarianism and veganism? Why do people decide to follow this diet? What role does beauty play in food waste? What exactly is the controversy surrounding the organic foods movement and genetically modified organisms (GMOs)?
Conquer your fear of the fish counter in this lesson. Ellie shares essential fish-buying tips and how to cook your easiest fish ever. Want crunchy fish, minus the frying? She'll show you how to make a baked sole that's flaky and healthy at the same time.
Baked or roasted eggplant is the perfect base for salads, dips and spreads. Achieve an intriguing smoky flavor by roasting eggplant over an open flame, then combine it with capers and feta cheese, walnuts and garlic or tahini and yogurt. This treat is perfect for a party, a snack or as a sandwich spread.
Next, focus on ingredient substitutions as Joshua retrofits a favorite carrot cake recipe to make it vegan. From eggs to butter to sugar, you'll discover healthy vegan alternatives that do the job well, and taste good!
Vegetables are an essential part of weight loss, but steaming often leaves us with lackluster results. In this lesson, discover the power of roasting large batches of veggies for flavorful results you can enjoy all week long. And, learn how to incorporate grains into your diet as you create quinoa and farro salads that satisfy.
If you're gluten-free, grain-free or following a paleo diet, a simple sandwich may seem like a thing of the past. Here, Cat Ruehle shows step by step how tapioca flour, almond flour and an intriguing dash of turmeric can form the basis for a quick and easy no-bake alternative to flatbread.
Grow the tastiest heirloom tomatoes in your neighborhood! From planting seeds to saving seeds, learn successful techniques for growing healthy heirloom tomatoes from heirloom expert Marie Iannotti.
with Marie Iannotti
Join Connie Guttersen and Bill Briwa in the kitchen as they teach you just how easy and rewarding it is to think about, cook and eat food from a healthier perspective. Discover surefire ways to transform an oatmeal breakfast, a salad lunch and a fish dinner into more appealing and nutritious meals. And get an introduction to the benefits of building your meals around the Sonoma Smart Plate -- one of the simplest strategies for healthy eating.
Go meatless -- deliciously! Even non-vegetarians will appreciate these tasty and healthy meals that are quick to prepare. Carla suggests some hearty grains, legumes and other pantry staples to keep on hand, then prepares a Korean rice bowl and a lentil-based stew.
We don't mean to brag, but we're pretty sure we've found the best baked chicken out there.
Prof. Crittenden takes you back in time to trace the route of chocolate around the world, explaining not only its history and chemical properties, but its role in the current global market in the form of powerful chocolate empires.
See how simple changes, such as cleaning your kitchen and changing food packaging, can have a measurable effect on unhealthy eating habits.
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You don't have to be an athlete to reap the benefits of eating clean. Join chef Lentine Alexis and discover simple strategies to nourish your body when getting proper nutrition is a challenge. Learn to prepare nutrient-packed meals (and snacks!) as Lentine shares more than 10 of her favorite recipes, from weeknight noodle bowls to homemade granola bars. With Lentine's simple strategies and holistic approach to nutrition, you'll be well on your way to a more balanced lifestyle.
with Lentine Alexis
Learn to make well-balanced, easy plant-based meals so good you’ll never notice the meat is missing!
with Nicki Sizemore
Elevate your vegetables from supporting role to star attraction.
with Bill Briwa
Explore scientific insights and tasty dishes that will get you cooking in a new way, for the well-lived and well-fed life you deserve.
with Bill Briwa & Connie Guttersen
Understand your own body better than ever before.
with Michael Ormsbee
Take an eye-opening look at the evolutionary history of our relationship with food.
with Alyssa Crittenden
Discover stress-free strategies for exciting meals that only taste like they took hours to create!
with Bill Briwa
Upgrade your baked goods by deepening your understanding of herbs and spices.
with Fr. Dominic Garramone
Master more than 10 tasty one-pot recipes that are simple enough for busy weeknights and special enough for guests. As seen on the TODAY Show's TODAY Food segment!
with Ryan Scott & Dylan Dreyer
Who says kids don’t belong in the kitchen? In this four-part cooking class, award-winning teen chef Amber Kelley empowers kids to take charge in the kitchen and — with a little help from their parents — cook fresh, tasty meals. From shopping for ingredients to prepping, cooking and plating, Amber equips them with the skills and know-how they need to become confident young chefs.
with Amber Kelley
Cook your favorite seasonal veggies in new, inspiring ways.
with Nicki Sizemore
Avoiding baking paleo-friendly because you think it'll be too tricky? We teamed up with Bob's Red Mill and popular baking instructor Cat Ruehle to help you kiss your fears goodbye! In this one-of-a-kind freebie, Cat will guide you through all the steps you need for four crowd-favorite (and included!) recipes: Triple-chocolate chunk cookies, lemon loaf with blueberry sauce, herbed flatbread and a paleo pizza crust.
with Catherine Ruehle
Cook delicious, diabetes-friendly meals, snacks and more.
with Linda Gassenheimer
Discover the joy of cooking smart and eating right!
with Ellie Krieger
Experiment with new flours and sprouted grain recipes for your most flavorful bread yet.
with Peter Reinhart
Enjoy your favorite comfort foods, made healthier and more delicious.
with Anna Bullett
Bake healthier versions of your favorite sweet treats!
with Michelle Doll
Discover blender techniques for easier, less-expensive dishes, from sweet crêpes to savory salsas, sure to turn weeknight meals into something special again!
with Nicki Sizemore
Discover the secrets to delicious meals, healthy ingredients and perfect portion sizes that will leave you feeling full and looking great!
with Allison Task
Mix your own gluten-free flours and make decadent pies, luscious yellow cakes and satisfying chocolate chip cookies. The Gluten-Free Girl shows you how!
with Shauna James Ahern
Get the most from your pressure cooker! Infuse every dish with unbelievable flavor and cook favorite meals in as little as half the time.
with Bruce Weinstein & Mark Scarbrough
Discover how easy it is to make pantry essentials at home. From pickles to jams, create your favorites and kiss added preservatives, sugar and salt goodbye!
with Alana Chernila
Learn how to get the most from your food processor for better, faster meals that bring everyone clamoring to the table!
with George Geary
Learn smart strategies, meal planning solutions and exciting recipes for quick weeknight meals that amaze! Television star Sara Moulton shows you how.
with Sara Moulton
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