Healthy Eating
  • With a single sheet pan you can prepare an entire meal of roasted fish and vegetables! Pam discusses the types of fish to use and how to roast the fish alongside fingerling potatoes and green vegetables such as green beans, spinach and asparagus. She provides lots of ideas for drizzles and simple sauces to go with the fish and vegetables, turning them into elegant meals that can be doubled to feed up to eight appreciative guests!
  • Good-for-you tots? Oh, yes we did. Aside from packing in some of our very favorite greenery, these tots are naturally gluten-free and vegan, AND they're baked instead of fried. You're only four ingredients away from a flavor-filled veggie paradise.
    Jessie Oleson Moore
  • Unsure of how to make your own hummus? Alana demystifies the process, sharing her preferred method of cooking chickpeas in the oven before combining everything in the food processor. Finish by making crispy pita chips, perfect for dipping in hummus!

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  • Eating healthier doesn't have to be a bore. By making simple substitutions in your baking recipes, you can bump up the nutrition and lower the cholesterol and fat content without sacrificing any flavor at all. This is what they call "having your cake and eating it too," right?
    Jessie Oleson Moore
  • Navigating the oatmeal aisle can raise a lot of questions. Is "rolled" the same as "quick"? Steel superior to Scottish?
    Ashley McLaughlin
  • Storing pre-cut vegetables can up your cooking game in a big way. With prep already done, you're recipe-ready and can go ham inventing new dishes or rekindling an old kitchen flame. Plus you'll be covered when it comes to snack-time cravings. Veggies are so easy to store in the fridge once they're chopped, and plenty of them freeze well too. Freezing can help you preserve the bounty of seasons past, which is a great excuse to over indulge at your local farmers' market.
    Jessie Oleson Moore
  • Healthy, delicious and soooo easy to make... you don't need us to tell you smoothies are awesome. But lately it's the smoothie bowl that really has our hearts. Maybe it's because they seem a little more grownup than the straw-slurping standby, or maybe it's because they make us feel like we're eating ice cream sundaes for breakfast. Either way, it's a win.
    Shelby Deering
  • We've all been beat over the head with how important a well-balanced breakfast is. But when it comes down to it, it's just hard to make it happen (especially first thing in the morning, before we've had a chance to become our best selves). Starting tomorrow, indulge your cravings by taking note of what you want and swapping with one of our healthier options.
    Abigail Barr
  • True story: I worked in a commercial kitchen where the size of your brunoise could cost you your job. Even now, years away from my days cooking in professional kitchens, if I’m not following the proper techniques for how to cut vegetables, I’m afraid someone is going to jump out and start yelling at me.
    Ashley Rodriguez
  • Fluffy scrambled eggs, savory bacon, buttered toast, and syrupy pancakes aren't the only things you should be craving for breakfast. Veggies can just as easily be the star the morning, and it's time we gave them a chance to shine. You won't regret adding these irresistible options to your current breakfast rotation.
    Wendy Rose Gould
  • It’s here! Summer is upon us, bringing picnics, barbecues, lazy dinners outside (in between water gun fights) and infinite inspiration with one simple stroll through the farmers' market. Seasonal summer foods are made for lazy cooks. And while I generally love cooking, I’d rather be outside enjoying the sun this time of year than standing at the hot stove creating elaborate meals.
    Ashley Rodriguez
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