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Make your best bouquet yet with designer secrets from selecting stems to vase presentation.
From cutting your own flowers to creating living arrangements, you'll learn new ways to arrange flowers in modern ways.
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You don't have to be a celebrity to surround yourself with beautiful blooms! In this Bluprint original series, floral artist Carly Cylinder demonstrates easy, approachable methods to building breathtaking bouquets in your own kitchen. You'll learn how to visualize arrangements, pick the perfect blooms and expertly style them.
Carly Cylinder
Carly Cylinder
When the weather turns colder, you might have to bring your green babies in from your garden and transplant them into pots. Or maybe you just love weaving plants into your home decor year-round. Either way, these six instagrammers are here for you with awesome DIY ideas you'll want to try asap.
Shelby Deering
Unlock the joys of working with flowers.
Baylor Chapman, Joe Grienauer & Debra Prinzing
Baylor Chapman, Joe Grienauer & Debra Prinzing
There are two kinds of people: those who love fresh flowers and those who love them but immediately lament how short-lived they are, and therefore, kind of can't bear to bring them home.
Wendy Rose Gould
The big, bright blooms of gerbera daisies make them an easy pick at the garden center. But to keep them happy and healthy back at home, you'll need a little know-how. Even though it's usually sold as a houseplant or garden annual, this flowering plant is actually a herbaceous perennial that's native to South Africa. (Yes, that means you may be able to plant it once and enjoy it year after year! Woohoo!) Make sure your green thumb is ready to take on these daisies with these tips:
Ramon Gonzalez
This wreath throws all the rules out the window — and that's why I love it. Instead of pine, try fragrant eucalyptus. Instead of predictable pine cones, go rich and romantic with peonies (don't worry, they're fake). And best of all, this DIY shakes it up shape-wise with a totally modern triangle.
Alison Caporimo
Most of us have a sense of what colors we prefer, and can even name a favorite or two. But when it comes to floral decor, there’s a whole lot more to creating a gorgeous color scheme than just pointing to the hues you like best.
Elizabeth Ellis
When it comes to DIY wedding crafts, it's gotta be beautiful, budget-friendly and easy to put together. This elegant centerpiece checks every box. Plus, it's totally unique — we guarantee your guests haven't seen anything like it — and it's completely customizable to your season, color scheme and theme. Go on, let those wedding bells ring!
Maker Projects
Everyone knows the best projects are the ones you make yourself. Get inspired by your fellow crafters and find your next creation!
Jodi Torpey
Jodi Torpey
Stefani Bittner
Stefani Bittner

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