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Ah, the classic hoop. So timeless, so stylish, and SO easy to make yourself. Your lobes are most definitely in luck!
by Rebecca Anderson
Every wardrobe needs a good statement necklace, but blingy baubles can cost you an arm and a leg. Not this one! This simple knotted necklace uses just a few scraps of cording, a bit of ribbon and a glue gun.
by Bluprint
Learn intermediate wire-wrapping skills as you create striking, sculptural forms.
with Kathy Frey
Meet your instructor Barbara Lewis and explore the dynamic world of torch-fired enameling! Learn the basics of liquid enamels and mix to a perfect consistency. Apply a base layer of liquid enamel and fire up your torch and heat gun to practice reaching and recognizing the right temperature.
Master a simple chain-making technique as Max shows you some beautiful pieces that you can create using only pliers and some metal rings. You'll learn step by step the process for building a simple chain from scratch.
Learn how to make beaded jewelry with designer Barb Switzer, using a versatile beading stitch to produce ornate and gorgeous works of art.
with Barb Switzer
Use an ordinary drinking glass as your form to create a custom bangle that's just your size! Master working with thicker, stiffer wire as you form a circle and curl the ends. Then, wrap beads and leather around your bangle to create a textured piece that's full of bold and delicate lines. Finally, see how to bring your bangle to a secure close with an overhand knot.
Learn Robert's fold-forming technique to capture objects without tabs or rivets! You'll learn how to measure, fold and shape metal into a semicircle using a cross-peen hammer. Then, learn the annealing process to soften the metal and modify the shape and how to cool copper without using ice water.
Whether you’re new to jewelry making or looking for some fresh ideas, Candie Cooper will give you the confidence to bead with style.
with Candie Cooper
Add trendy techniques to your jewelry tool kit with a versatile new material: epoxy clay. Mixed-media artist Debbi Simon shows you how to use it to create jewelry looks from faded to flashy.
with Debbi Simon
Turning a found object into dazzling jewelry can seem intimidating, but Brenda shares her fun and simple techniques for capturing your custom pieces. Learn how to create a simple frame for a crystal element, then try Brenda's literary-inspired "Gulliver Tie-Down" technique to secure a flat-backed component. For more dimensional objects, you'll learn Brenda's signature wrapping technique using tissue and wire to create a free-form cage.
Learn about cork clay and the joys of working in this novel medium. Cindy's tips and techniques are sure to spark your creativity.
Tackle some common design challenges as Margie walks you through creating designs around a specific customer, outfit or bead. You'll also get expert advice on how to design jewelry that perfectly accents different bodies and personality types to flatter and bring vitality to the wearer.
Joanna compares different types of flux for keeping your metal clean and aiding solder flow. She also addresses firescale, and shows how to use depletion gilding to remove unsightly discoloration.
Shape up your jewelry-making skills and move beyond flat peyote to add sculptural drama to your beadwork with Nancy Cain's expert instruction.
with Nancy Cain
This enamel jewelry is so HOT right now.
Combine beadwork with weaving for beautiful cuffs that are accessible and eye-catching! Create jewelry designs that fit your style and learn to weave with beads on three different looms, including one you make yourself.
with Claudia Chase
Discover simple techniques that yield stunning results! Create two striking designs as you master essential sawing, soldering and embellishment skills.
with Robyn Cornelius
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Learn safe and efficient techniques for getting the most from your hydraulic press as you make beautiful pendants, earrings and bracelets.
with Melissa Muir
Tackle complex connections with soldering savvy. Learn how to account for your piece's materials, mass, heat sinks and beyond.
with Jim Dailing
Create one-of-a-kind jewelry with surface designs, textures and dimension you never knew were possible.
with Charles Lewton-Brain
Discover jewelry artist Gayle Bird's striking spin on wire-wrapped designs as you create two free-form pendants and a variety of captures.
with Gayle Bird
Add high-quality prong settings to all of your future projects with key soldering and wire-forming skills!
with Nancy L.T. Hamilton
Get great results in less time! Find out how to update your jewelry-making process to elevate your designs.
with Nanz Aalund
Discover simple techniques that yield stunning results! Create two striking designs as you master essential sawing, soldering and embellishment skills.
with Robyn Cornelius
Add captivating color and texture to your designs with artisan enameling techniques.
with Barbara Lewis
Learn innovative fabrication and design techniques to showcase found objects in distinctive style.
with Robert Dancik
Don't limit yourself to delicate designs: Create bold, impactful pieces with heavy-gauge wire!
with Sharilyn Miller
Gain the skills to showcase any stone with a well-crafted bezel! Learn techniques to create three distinctive settings that are just as beautiful as the gemstones they house.
with Danielle Miller-Gilliam
Learn intermediate wire-wrapping skills as you create striking, sculptural forms.
with Kathy Frey
Learn wrapping, weaving and coiling techniques that will empower you and inspire endless new pieces!
with Aga Kruk
Create striking, contemporary designs with ancient fusing techniques!
with Victoria Lansford
Learn essential silver metal clay techniques to make gemstone-studded jewelry! Master strong connections, gain troubleshooting tips and torch-fire your final piece.
with Patrik Kusek
Learn contemporary silversmithing techniques as you create a striking mixed-metal ring!
with Mark Nelson
Master the elements of successful jewelry design and confidently create stand-out, signature pieces!
with Margie Deeb
Take your skills to the next level with soldering tricks that will improve your pieces AND build your confidence!
with Joanna Gollberg
Master the most versatile tool in your shop: the flex shaft! Learn the basics — and beyond — of this jewelry-making essential.
with Mark Nelson
Become a more confident metalsmith with must-have shop secrets! Learn how to use the tools of the trade for sophisticated results.
with Kate Richbourg
Learn six sophisticated soldering and forming techniques that will elevate your designs from simple to standout!
with Lisa Colby
Mix and match essential wire-weaving techniques to create beautiful custom jewelry!
with Sarah Thompson
Start creating the artisan jewelry you've always admired! Learn to weave a stunning wire pendant, bail and embellishments that will showcase any stone in style.
with Dawn Horner
Learn to craft an array of wire components, and mix and match your creations for beautiful custom jewelry!
with Debora Mauser
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