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  • Christa discusses the information that's included in quilting patterns. Find out how to work with them as you piece your tops. Plus, get Christa's tips for choosing projects successfully.
  • When it comes to quilting, prints are prints, right? Yes and no. You certainly don't need any fancy knowledge to know what strikes your fancy — and that's a great way to choose fabric. But it can be helpful (especially for quilting newbies) to know a little about the different types of prints out there, what they're called, and the best ways to put them to work in your designs.
    Lindsay Conner
  • If you're a quilting newbie, it can be easy to feel intimidated by all the fabric you have to measure and cut. But guess what? That's where precut fabrics come in. They come in a variety of convenient packs, typically 5" squares (called charm packs), 10" squares (called layer cakes) and 2½" strips (called jelly rolls). Using them guarantees all your colors will match and those pieces will be perfectly sized, plus — bonus! — it means you get to skip cutting and go right to the sewing. Once you decide which fabrics feel prettiest to you, choose any of these quilt designs that are 100% precut-friendly.
    Alyce Blyth
  • Sometimes the thought of measuring and cutting fabric is totally unappealing, and other times you just want to play around with all of the variations in a given fabric collection — without dropping a ton of cash on yardage. Precuts give you the chance to do just that!
    Sherri McConnell

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  • You know how, no matter how many amazing TV shows or movies air, you still have your go-to favorites; the ones you watch over and over again? Yeah, same thing happens here. These are the fave classes we fire up whenever we're in need of an extra dose of inspo.
  • Congrats! You've just quilted a quilt. You're probably already dreaming about your next one. Only thing is, you still need to bind that beauty!
    Christa Watson
  • While stitch in the ditch will never let you down, it's not the only move your walking foot can make. Whether you want totally straight or gently curved lines, these designs add visual bang to your quilt that'll get everyone talking about your mad skills.
  • The great thing about these blocks is you probably have all the supplies you need right in your scrap bin. Of course you can go big and make a whole quilt of 'em if you're feeling ambitious. But these simple trees are a cool foundation for a pillow or modern table runner, too.
    Lindsay Conner
  • We love a nice, hefty quilting project — it feels so satisfying once it's done! But there's something equally wonderful about starting and finishing a quilt top in just one weekend. That's where these beauties come in: they're super speedy thanks to smart use of precuts, large blocks or just a whole lot of negative space. Mark your calendar, this weekend is booked!
  • Forget everything you know about quilting — that it requires cutting fabric into a gazillion pieces, then placing and stitching all those pieces together in a precise pattern. There's another, simpler way to get an equally amazing end result. Say hello to the wholecloth quilt.
    Jackie White
  • Clean, classic straight-line quilting is always a winner in our book. But stitching perfectly straight lines can be challenging. The secret to success? Marking your lines correctly.
    Emily Dennis
  • You've got a heap of gorgeous fabric and a brand new quilt pattern — yay! But if that pattern is printed in grayscale, things can get complicated, fast. What goes where? How can you achieve that finished look you have in your mind (or saw in a photo)? Will the fabrics you have on hand even work?
    Lindsay Conner

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