Draping for Fashion Design
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Discover how to drape muslin on a dress form to create your own sewing patterns and bring your ideas to life.
Projects + Techniques
You are an individual; your clothing should be unique. Learn fashion draping from designer Paul Gallo and create your own dress patterns for an unrivaled look.
Paul Gallo
Paul Gallo
Learn how to drape on the bias and bring instant elegance to your garment designs with the expert instruction of Paul Gallo.
Paul Gallo
Paul Gallo
Watch even one frantic episode of Project Runway and you'll probably see some drama about draping, a technique that involves wrapping and pinning fabric around a dress form to get the desired shape.
Julia Garza
Tune in for the fourth installment of Bluprint’s The Sewing Diaries YouTube series and learn how designer Paul Gallo creates precise patterns for even his most fluid gowns. With a properly constructed pattern, you can make your favorite garment again and again! See how a simple system for seam lines, seam allowance and draping results in a tailored garment fit for the runway!
Karen Kelty
Maker Projects
Everyone knows the best projects are the ones you make yourself. Get inspired by your fellow crafters and find your next creation!

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