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It's true: Yoga has some powerful mood-boosting benefits (beyond just endorphins!)
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Join Koya in her yoga practice, designed to improve your health holistically. This course consists of Yoga Flow, Yoga Sculpt and Yin Yoga, all of which are developed for yogis of all levels.
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In Vytas' Yoga Basics course, flow through three classes structured to be easy to follow with simple exercises. Focus on achieving strength, mobility and balance as you work through your practice.
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Meet yoga instructor Caley Alyssa and follow her through six yoga sessions, each with a different goal and focus. From AM to PM to Stretch to Core, Transcend’s offerings go beyond the generic yoga class and are guaranteed to fit your specific needs and interests.
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Yoga Basics is here to help you perfect your yoga technique. Caley Alyssa will take you through 20 yoga moves and poses ranging from beginner to more intermediate, so you'll be ready to take on Transcend.
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Start your holistic journey to a healthier mind and body.
with Heidi Sormaz
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