7 Embroidered Travel Accessories That Belong in Your Suitcase


Do you hear that? It's the beach, mountains and, oh, everywhere in between calling. That's right — it's vacation season! And any great trip calls for some packable, practical, and oh-so-stylish embroidered accessories. Whether you prefer to stitch by hand or make it by machine, these plane-worthy projects are ready for takeoff.

Hand Embroidered Accessories

Summer Beach Tote

A classic summer beach bag gets a totally personalized look with a hit of hand embroidery. (Plus some extra embellishments, like funky tassles, for good measure!) Look for an unlined bag with an even weave, so you can access the inside to secure those stitches.

Every style blogger worth her selfie is posting summer snaps with a glass of rosé in one hand and straw beach bag in the other. And with good reason: the bags are roomy, durable, and pretty darn cute. (Plus, sand just shakes right out of them.) What's not so cute: how crazy-expensive they can be, sometimes upwards of $150, especially when they have embroidery or other embellishments. Say goodbye to your #summervibes budget.

Beaded Bracelet

Customize a cuff from scratch with gorgeous beads that basically beg to be worn to a toes-in-the-sand dinner. The trick is to go for a mix of matte and shiny embellishments, so you get plenty of depth and dimension.

Embroidered Pendant

A colorful necklace like this belongs in a vibrant destination. (We're dreaming of Brazil, Mexico and Argentina already.) Just hoop up some needlepoint canvas, draw out the geometric triangle (or any design that suits your fancy), and stitch using your favorite hues.

Take a look at your closet: What have you already embroidered? It's likely that a T-shirt, jacket, and maybe even monogrammed pajamas are in there — and that's great. But here's an off-the-T-shirt way to showcase your stitching in style.

Machine Embroidered Accessories

Luggage Tags

Make that suitcase easy to spot on the luggage carousel with cute tags that stand out in a crowd. It's the perfect project for flexing those skills, as you'll make a clear vinyl window, a buttonhole and use decorative stitching.

Sunglasses Case

You can't go on vacation without a pair of sunnies! Whip up a soft, lined case that's loaded with personality and houses your shades in pretty quilting to prevent scratches.

Zippered Pouch

These cute zippered pouches are ideal for toiletries, jewelry and other small items. Make one in a larger size and it can double as a pretty purse!

Heart-Shaped Bookmark

Whether you're cozying up fireside or lounging in a beach chair, a good book is a must on vacation. This unique felted bookmark has an adorable heart on both ends — perfect for pinning down a page when you need to grab a refreshing drink.

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7 Embroidered Travel Accessories That Belong in Your Suitcase