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          6 Small Space Gardening Ideas to Steal for Your Home


          Size really doesn’t matter in gardening . Even the tiniest urban garden designs can be beautiful. With a few tips, you can create a little garden with a big “wow factor.”

          Here are some of my favorite small space gardening ideas to consider for your home.

          Small Space Garden

          Small space garden via Bluprint instructor Jodi Torpey

          Tip #1: Contain it

          For small garden owners, containers are a true blessing. They are especially helpful for those who garden on a concrete balcony, brick porch or stone patio. Basically, containers let you create your own garden space.

          Potted herb photo via Gothick_Matt /Flickr Creative Commons

          • Garden pots come in all sizes, shapes, colors and materials. Some are solar-powered for dramatic lighting effects during the evenings. Others hang securely from balcony rods.
          • Many creative containers are made from recycled furniture, fruit crates, shopping bags and even shoes. The sky is the limit!
          • For best results, make sure your container offers good drainage, so the plant doesn’t sit in water. You may have to drill drainage holes in the pot.
          • If you’re growing edibles, make sure the container doesn’t have materials that could leach toxic chemicals into the soil, such as used car tires.
          • Container plants must be watered more frequently than plants in the ground. In hot weather, expect to water outdoor pots about once a day.

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          For more container gardening tips , download Bluprint's FREE eGuide Success With Container Gardening , which features 17 pages packed with tips, tricks and tutorials from expert gardener Meredith Skyer.


          Tip #2: Raise the garden

          You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how much you can grow in a raised bed. Even the smallest garden space can often squeeze in one raised bed.

          Raised bed photo via Normanack /Flickr Creative Commons

          Growing plants in raised beds has lots of benefits. The soil warms faster in a raised bed than in the ground, so you can plant a little earlier. You can better control the soil quality in a raised bed, which helps if you’re starting a new garden with poor soil. Raised beds offer better soil aeration and drainage too, and they help avoid soil compaction.

          Best of all, raised beds can be elevated, higher than normal, so you don’t need to bend over and hurt your back.

          For more information, check out our posts on growing vegetables in raised beds and how to plant tomatoes in a raised bed .

          Tip #3: Grow up

          Is your garden running out of room? Grow your garden vertically.

          Living art photo via FarOutFlora /Flickr Creative Commons

          Interested in growing your own vertical garden? Check out these fun resources!

          Tip #4: Plant good stuff              

          In a small garden, the plants become more important than ever.

          Don’t waste valuable space on lackluster plants you don’t really like. Instead, look for plants that provide interest during more than one season, or are special in some way.

          Endless Summer Hydrangea photo via EraPhernalia Vintage /Flickr Creative Commons

          For instance, Endless Summer® (Zones 4 to 9) is the first mophead hydrangea that blooms repeatedly from spring to fall. Now you can enjoy these romantic flowers more than once a year.

          Look for plants with interesting barks and stems for winter color. Or, select plants that change color over the year, such as oakleaf hydrangeas, whose flowers evolve from white to pink blush and then red. The fall foliage turns to yellow, orange and red.

          Garden lights photo via life is good (pete) /Flickr Creative Commons

          Tip #5: Make it Cozy

          Your garden may be small, but you can still make it cozy. Turn your small garden into a fun place to gather with family and friends. Add patio lights, comfy chairs and colorful outdoor rugs.

          Buying these items off-season can save you money. It’s also a good idea to buy furniture that serves dual purposes, such as a bench with extra storage.

          Garden statue photo via Tatters /Flickr Creative Commons

          Tip #6: Display Garden Art

          Make an impact in your small space by displaying garden art that suits your style.

          Consider statues, decorative urns and sculptures to jazz up outdoor spaces. Hang vintage garden signs and antique tools for some garden bling. Practical art – such as native bee houses and solar-powered bird baths – are useful for attracting pollinators to your garden .

          Sometimes one single piece can make more of a statement in a small garden than many little accessories.Don’t be afraid to go bold with your space. Most important, remember that there are lots of small space garden ideas to personalize and make your very own. Enjoy!

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          6 Small Space Gardening Ideas to Steal for Your Home