Afghan + Blanket Crochet Projects
  • Meet Salena Baca and begin class by working the vibrant Massapequa afghan. Salena shares her tips for choosing a gorgeous color combination, even if picking colors is hard for you! Then, she walks you through the pattern repeats and standard sizes, and shows how easy it is to make a custom size.
  • How did that granny square turn out? Need a little more help? Don't worry. Kim will diagram the elements of a granny square then walk you stitch by stitch through each round as you watch her square form before your eyes. Learn how to turn the corner and join each round, and how the granny square pattern builds on itself to create a relaxing item to crochet.
  • Start your final afghan by jumping into lacework! You'll see why working with one color keeps you focused on the intricate but easy-to-work pattern.
  • Meet Nicole Winer and get started by gathering the right tools and materials for your two projects: an afghan and pillow set. Nicole gives a brief pattern overview, then goes over stitch essentials such as chart-reading, hooks, gauge and more.
  • Move on to your next beautiful project, the gradient-inspired Color Block afghan. You'll find out to work the four-row repeat with post stitches to create a dense, warm fabric that's ideal for the comforting color harmonies.
  • Elevate your next crochet project with three stunning textures. Join popular instructor Drew Emborsky, aka The Crochet Dude, in this FREE mini-class!
    Drew Emborsky
    Drew Emborsky
Can combining two classics give you something modern and fresh? When those classics are the crochet granny square and the log cabin quilt block, the answer is a resounding yes. It looks all fancy, but really, if you know how to crochet a granny square (or are willing to learn) and are comfortable with mid-row color changes, you can consider this puppy your next project.
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