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I stared down at my crochet hook in disbelief. The tool I’d used since I was a teenager suddenly felt so foreign to me. I couldn’t remember how to hold it correctly or even how to do a basic slip knot, much less actually make something. Three weeks earlier, my whole world had changed. A shocking, brutal attack by an intruder at my workplace had left me with severe head injuries, memory loss and terrible PTSD. But of everything that horrific experience did to me, not being able to crochet or knit felt like the worst of it.
Most knitters will tell you that having a good project bag is essential — you can store all the necessary needles, notions and, you know, the actual knitting, so that when you're ready to stitch everything is ready and waiting. Plus, if you have multiple WIPs (works in progress), keeping each one in its own bag is the key to staying organized. And while you could buy a project bag (and there are tons of cute ones out there), we're all makers here — so why not stitch up a few of your own?
Stuffed animals get even better when you make them yourself. The next time you need a gift for a baby shower or child's birthday, stitch up one of these cuties. And if you have trouble letting go, we get it. Go ahead and just make two.
From graphic stripes to more complicated double knitting, hats are the perfect canvas to practice and learn new knitting skills. They're pretty small, so you aren't committing to a lifetime of work, and except for some crown shaping, you basically just knit a tube. (Keeping the structure simple means you're free to focus on your new skill.) So when you're in the market to try something new, try knitting one of these skill-building hats.
So many sweaters, so little time! Whether you're into knitting sweaters that let you kick back and crank out allll the stockinette, or are looking for something that requires a little more concentration, we've got 10 gorgeous patterns to keep your needles busy.
You love to knit and crochet and give the things you make as gifts. At this point, everyone in your life has one of your blankets, sweaters, or hats. Your family and friends. Your UPS guy. Your neighbor. Your neighbor's baby. Your other neighbor's baby.
Kathryn Vercillo
Most sock knitters have strong feelings about how they get the job done. If you're one of them, you're probably decisive about cuff-down vs. toe-up, and you've figured out a way to perfectly graft those toes. We're not about to mess with all that! But...sometimes trying a new technique, like the magic loop method, can revolutionize the way you knit socks. Just sayin'.
Ashley Little
Thank goodness for shawls: They're practical (wrap 'em like a scarf in winter or wear as a lightweight layer in summer), don't require any fitting, and come in so many shapes and sizes.
Kristen Hanley Cardozo
The circular knitting needle may seem like a specialty tool, but it could actually be the most useful needle in your knitting bag.
Ashley Little
Let’s be clear: knitting is a year-round sport, and we're in favor of always having a little something to stitch on no matter what the weather. But if that cabled wool sweater you were so gung-ho about when the snow was falling is suddenly making you sweat, these are the alternatives that'll keep you busy — and cool.
Shawls may just be the perfect project. There are endless ways to knit them (top down, bottom up, side to side), they’re great for all seasons (think air conditioning protection in the summer and cozy blanket wrap in the winter), and you don’t have to worry about fit. Knit up any of the gorgeous shawls below and soon you'll have an insanely versatile accessory in your closet.
If you stop and think about it, it’s pretty incredible how many ways there are to knit. Hold your yarn in your right hand, hold it in your left, wrap it around your neck, tension your yarn around your finger, tension with a guide, knit left handed —the list goes on and on.
Whether you keep it simple or go intricate, knitting lace just makes everything more elegant. Check out our fave lace projects — from a starter shawl to a full-on crazy lace cardigan.
Whether you're spinning a yarn literally or figuratively, there's no denying the fact that writing and knitting share a common bond. As someone who pursues both arts, here's what I've learned over the years from knitting that has helped me become a better writer.
Tina Kelley
Aran? Worsted? Fingering? Figuring out yarn weights can feel like learning a whole new language. You can thank the Craft Yarn Council for that: they're the folks who determine how yarns are categorized and labeled.
Ashley Little
Putting a price tag on all your time, work and creativity can feel like the hardest thing in the world. Too high, no one will buy it. Too low, you won't be able to keep your business running. How do you find that sweet spot? We've got some tips to help you nail it.
Ashley Martineau
Let's be honest: knitting from patterns is awesome. There are so many amazing designs out there, that you could knit from patterns for the rest of your life and never get bored. But, equally awesome, is pushing yourself to create your own designs. If this sort of experimentation is your jam, hats are a great place to start.
Ashley Little
Usually, if you felt your knitting, it's heartbreaking: no one likes to accidentally shrink their favorite sweater. But! There are times when you felt on purpose. And it's magical. Trust us.
Andrea Sanchez
Knitting your first pair of socks is sort of a rite of passage for knitters. Socks can seem a bit fiddly to the uninitiated, but once you complete a pair you'll realize they are SO worth it.
There's always gramming and tweeting, but if you really want to make a bold statement, you've gottta knit it. Knitting a message, words or single letters onto a sweater or other handmade piece is a super fun skill to learn, plus it's easier than it looks. Knitters tend to think of lettering as more of an embroidery or cross-stitch thing, but it's time to change all that.
Sarah Johnson
You probably know there's more than one way to knit a sweater: You can knit the pieces flat then seam it together, you can knit in the round, you can work center-out or go sleeve to sleeve...and the list goes on!
Ashley Little
Hand-knit socks should give you all the feels. They should be pretty, cozy and they should fit you like they were made for you (because, um, they were).
Ashley Little
The hype around brioche knitting is legit: it's totally gorgeous and deliciously squishy. Plus, knowing how to brioche gives you serious knitter cred.
There are two kinds of sock knitters in the world: Those who swear by double-pointed needles and those who looooove their magic loop.
Ashley Little
Baby hats are a quick and easy knit and make an excellent gift for a new little person in your life (or a donation to your local NICU). And don’t get us started on the cuteness factor, which is Off. The. Hook.
Ashley Martineau
It’s Friday night. You have the whole weekend ahead of you for uninterrupted fun. And by fun, we obviously mean knitting. So kick back, fire up your favorite binge-worthy show (may we suggest the Grocery Girls on Off Our Needles?), and knock out one of these knits to wear to work on Monday.
When I first started knitting, I loved almost everything about it — except purling. I don’t know why I loathed it so. Maybe it was because of the way I held the needles or threw the yarn, but I just. Didn't. Like. It.
Emily Vanek
If you're an experienced knitter, you probably already have stitch markers in your knitting kit. But what if you run out while you're working on a huge project? What if you're not near your kit and suddenly, urgently, need a stitch marker?
Ashley Little
There's one problem that drives both new and seasoned knitters crazy: a messy edge stitch. Edge stitches, aka selvedge, are a way to finish off a piece neatly. You never want loose, sloppy stitches, and that's specially true for those first and last ones in your rows.
Ashley Little
You'd think that leaving a hole in your knitting is the absolute last thing you'd want to do. But actually, that's exactly what a yarn over is — an intentional hole in the middle of all kinds of beautiful knitting to create a lace pattern or an eyelet.
Ashley Little
Positive ease: Sounds like a meditation app, but it's more like a top contender for Best Knitting Term Ever. If you knit, you'll need a solid grasp of positive ease if you want to nail the right fit for your garments. Once you knit up a piece, there's usually no going back (unless you rip it out, of course) so it definitely pays to know all about how fit works before you even get started.
Ashley Little
What the heck is Aran weight yarn? If you knit or crochet, you've probably asked yourself this question. Maybe you've typed it into a search engine; maybe you've asked British friends who knit (yep, they know). Maybe you've just let the Aran mystery live on, assuming you'll solve it someday.
Ashley Little
You're super excited about trying a new knitting pattern, but then you scan the instructions and see "pick up stitches" or "pick up and knit" and think: Okayyy, maybe not.
Ashley Little
Knitting's the gift that keeps on giving, and these seven classes are the proof. Even if you've knit for decades, we PROMISE you'll learn something new and come away more in love with your craft than ever. (If that's even possible.)
TBH, we still get all tingly when we watch a straight row of knitting suddenly transform into a mitered square. It's like magic: The simplest stitches turn into a totally new and beautiful shape, thanks to two easy decreases.
Terry Matz
Eventually all things in this world come to an end — and that includes skeins. So yes, at some point in a knitting project you may need to join two ends of yarn together. You'll have even more joining to do if you’re working on a multi-color project and need to switch yarns mid-skein.
Ashley Little
Striped hats, striped socks, striped scarves, striped sweaters: They're fun to knit, make perfect gifts and never go out of style. Stripes for the win! The only problem? Those jogs you get when you knit striped work in the round.
Andrea Sanchez
What happens when you combine the warm and fuzzy art of knitting and crochet with the gritty urban landscape? A phenomenon known as knitfiti, or yarn bombing!
Jessie Hemmons
Wrap and turn: It sounds like a dance move, and definitely should be. But it's actually a knitting technique, one that's essential to making short rows.
Ashley Little
Have you ever envisioned the perfect (I mean perfect) sweater, but couldn't find a pattern for it? Or gone shopping for clothes and thought, "If only that sweater had a Peter Pan collar instead of a boatneck ... and longer sleeves ... "
Ashley Little
Pom-pom emergencies are real. Sometimes you need a yarn pom-pom pronto when you're knitting a hat, scarf, tea cozy or anything else that needs a little cheer.
Ashley Little
You know that feeling: You're knitting away and you spot a mistake, but it's waayyyy too far back to fix. You've got to rip back. But help! You don't want to wreck everything you've already done.
Andrea Sanchez
Needle felting is a craft that sounds way more complex than it actually is — and gets super cute results. What's not to love? With just a few basic tools and a simple tutorial, you'll be on your way to making adorably fuzzy animals, or any other felted creations you can dream up.
Ashley Little
If you feel even the slightest temptation to try lace knitting, give in to it. Knit lace is a classy fabric to work with, and even the simplest stitch patterns look intricate and impressive.
Lisa Gutierrez
Sure, you could spend your whole life happily knitting away in one color. Or you could cut loose and explore the full range of wild and wonderful colorwork techniques. Even just two colors will give you a whole slew of techniques to try, from beginner-friendly stripes to more complicated double knitting.
Ashley Little
Some people groove on the idea of spinning raw wool straight from the sheep. Things might get a little messy, but that’s part of the fun of working with natural fibers — it's what we call spinning “in the grease."
Laura Chau
There’s a lot to love about giant yarn. It’s super cozy, knits up really fast and has to-die-for texture. Which is why it's perfect for making a throw pillow. Plus, there are no needles required for this project — you just knit the super-sized material on your fingers.
Anja Johnson
"Hi, my name is Jane and I'm a knitting-holic." Is this you? You're not alone. Knitting is incredibly addictive, in the best possible way. The only problem is, there just aren't enough hours in the day to power through all the knitting projects we all want to do.
Hats are fun to knit. Fact. You only have to make one (I'm looking at you, socks), they can be as simple or as complicated as you want, and they work on pretty much anyone. We've rounded up 7 beginner-friendly patterns, so no matter where you are in your knitting journey, you can knock out alllll the hats.
Hurray for personal style! Everyone's got it, whether they realize it or not — and that means knitters too. I'm not just talking about the way you hold your needles. Think about which of your hands holds the yarn, the tension you use, the kind of yarn you like. Do your friends all knit the same way? I didn't think so.
Ashley Little
Let's face it: Ripping out stitches can be scary! That's why knitting a provisional cast-on can be a bit scary, too.
Ashley Little
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