Bracelet Projects
  • The cuff is a classy and sassy piece of jewelry that can stand alone or be stacked with other pieces. And learning the basics of how to make this wardrobe staple will help progress your other jewelry-making endeavors too. Master the plain cuff first, then let your imagination take over — there are endless ways to customize here.
    Kate Wilkonson
  • Seed bead accessories are definitely making a comeback, which we LOVE, because they are seriously one of the simplest types of jewelry to make. (The hardest part is actually wrangling the tiny beads — which can be as small as a millimeter in diameter!) Follow this step-by-step tutorial to make a whole stack to layer (or gift!) in less than an hour.
    Bettina Johnson
  • Discover the secrets to creating bracelet blanks. Then, learn two different methods to form bracelets: anticlastic and synclastic. You'll also explore variations you can use in future projects.
  • Meet jewelry artist Sarah Thompson and preview the gorgeous woven bracelets you'll create in class, then begin with the basics. Find out what type of wire works best for base and weaving wires. Practice the simple figure-eight weave, plus, get tips for preventing kinks in your wire.
  • Use an ordinary drinking glass as your form to create a custom bangle that's just your size! Master working with thicker, stiffer wire as you form a circle and curl the ends. Then, wrap beads and leather around your bangle to create a textured piece that's full of bold and delicate lines. Finally, see how to bring your bangle to a secure close with an overhand knot.
  • Move into the world of bracelets as you discover ways to incorporate hinges, clasps and more into your designs. Follow along as Kate explains how to measure and cut the bangle, cut out various components as you go, and add brass. Then go in-depth as you learn how to refine and assemble the finished bracelet, resulting in a piece that can be stamped, monogramed and more.
  • Claudia discusses the materials you'll need and how to set up each loom. Then get started with a simple bracelet using silk thread and beads.
  • Set up and weave the tapestry cuff on the Cricket rigid-heddle loom.
  • Learn how to make a version of the affinity bracelet using handmade Columbian clay beads in this bonus lesson.
Learn the intricacies of filigree as you craft this delicate bracelet.
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