Finally, structure the top of your cake to help create the shape of your bouquet. You'll learn how to arrange your piped flowers and bring your bouquet to life by adding details including leaves, buds and baby's breath.
Learn how to make buttercream icing and to pipe dots to emulate petals for a gorgeous flower cookie. Then, pipe rosettes and learn to use an edible marker for a special design. You'll also pipe ruffles and stars, and review design variations to fit any theme!
Now that you've learned the basics behind piping flowers, explore piping woven textures. Valeri begins with demonstrating the textured raffia basketweave for a detailed look. Then learn how to create a more intricate woven basket texture. Finish up with the simple flat weave texture.
Succulent plants are fascinating to look at, in a desert or on a dessert. Seriously, just check out the piped-buttercream design above. The shapes! The colors!
Erin Gardner
Erin Gardner
Use aaallll your colored buttercream and a petal tip to create this amazing ruffled rainbow! Perfect for birthdays, showers, and more.
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