Cake Decorating
  • Cake + candy = yes plz. This is a cake u won’t h8 — and the perf dessert 4 showing off ur savvy txt lingo. It's so lit.
  • No matter their favorite emoji, kids will be all smiles for these silly cupcakes! So put down your phone, pick up your baking tools, and get ready to express all those sweet emotions with a batch of fun treats.
    Lynlee North Beckett
  • Dragons don’t have to be scary! This cake, inspired by Toothless of How To Train Your Dragon fame, is 100 percent sweet. Plus, his easy fondant features are beginner-friendly. Hurrah!
  • Buttercream unicorn cakes have become a mega trend, causing a frenzy whenever they magically appear. But you may be amazed to learn how easy they are to make.
    Felicity and Krystle
Our Jump Into Cake Decorating class will teach your whole family how to make the most fun cakes …. Including this magical mermaid one!
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