Graphite Draw Projects
  • Apply all of your newfound skills to draw a complex scene. Charles walks you through each important step, from creating the rough gestural sketch and blocking in the shadow shapes, to building up tones and modeling large and small forms. Plus, discover simple guidelines that will enhance your work!
  • Meet Patricia, your expert guide to drawing, and begin by going over everything you'll need for your first drawing project: a leaf. Start with a block-in, which will serve as the foundation for each of your projects, as you learn to map out lines and angles using techniques such as enveloping and subdividing.
  • Pull from all the techniques you've learned to draw a dainty rose petal. Kathleen gives detailed instruction on creating subtle textures with shading. You'll discover how to reveal the petal's delicate curves and veins using a variety of pencil strokes to emphasize highlights and shadows.
  • Hone your shading skills by drawing a vibrant green pepper. Use Kathleen's measuring techniques to sketch out the pepper. Work on developing bright highlights, then build up deeper tones and shadows using the continuous tone shading method -- a perfect technique for capturing shiny, smooth surfaces.
  • Once you've blocked in the tones and values for your drawing, develop your shapes by learning to refine light and shadows. Patricia will show you how to use both light and dark values to make your onion look more round and voluminous (rendering form).
Fine details are nothing to ruffle your feathers about — just keep that pencil sharp!
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