Modern Quilt Projects
  • What do you do when your daughter picks out a quilt that's way harder than you're used to? Well if you're like Angela, you make an episode about it! This one's all about building up the confidence to take a bite out of something new. (You can do it too!)
  • Turn your crazy-pieced, monochromatic fabric into a bold and beautiful design in the To The Point quilt.
  • How do you knock out a layer-cake in no time at all? You make your half-square triangles eight at a time. (Yeah, you heard us right.) Angela's here to show you, so you can "rock out with your block out."
  • What do you get when you combine a rainbow quilt, a star quilt and a medallion quilt all into one? A fresh episode of "The Midnight Quilt Show," of course! Join Angela as she breaks down Y-seams, quilting with templates and beyond.
  • Crosscut is another quilt design that looks a lot harder than it is, thanks to the slice-and-insert method.
  • Not all quilts have to be huge! These smaller versions are perfect for brightening up your creative space.
  • Holy scrap. Quilting can get a little messy sometimes, especially when you're busting your scrap stash. But nothing's gonna stop Angela from making room for new fabric! Feel the same? Your stitching sidekick awaits. (She's even sharing the free quilt pattern!)
  • Mistakes happen, even for the Midnight Quilter. But hey, the show must go on! Tune in to see how Angela conquers a little stitch snafu on her way to sewing a scrappy square-in-square stunner, just in time for her family reunion.
  • Discover the joy of improvisational quilting! Make and square up your blocks before making a Modern Crosses quilt top with step-by-step instructions. You'll also see various alternative examples that will spark new creative design ideas.
  • Complete the table runner you started in Lesson 2, and be prepared for a surprise when you learn that the background fabric simply consists of multiple wedges! Karen shows you how to sew the blocks, demonstrates border treatments and shares suggestions for beautiful quilting ideas.
  • Embrace the art of randomness, which -- as many quilters know -- can be extremely challenging for people who are used to methodical design practices! Elizabeth walks you through the techniques to create her Scattered Squares quilt, including labeling, sewing and pressing advice.
  • Take the intimidation out of iconic Double Wedding Ring quilts. Create your own using streamlined cutting, paper-piecing and finishing techniques.
    Jackie Kunkel
    Jackie Kunkel
  • Experience the king-sized thrill of sewing your own beautiful bed quilt! Gain the confidence to create the quilts you've always dreamed of, with smart piecing and quilting techniques.
    Amy Gibson
    Amy Gibson
  • Put your new skills to work as you create a beautiful Twilight Kaleidoscope quilt. Marilyn helps you audition a variety of prints and solids to work with before you carefully measure and cut strip sets to create your blocks. You'll learn helpful pressing and piecing techniques to ensure that your blocks lay flat and match up perfectly.
Create seven quilts with modern fabrics and stylish compositions using techniques such as improvisational piecing, paper piecing and raw edge appliqué.
  • We're having trouble seeing straight. Then again, it's probably the Drunkard's Path block! Angela's here to make sure the steps go "straight to your head."
  • Meet quilting instructor and sewer Amanda Murphy as you dive into the first of 20 techniques you'll learn in class. Start off with a gorgeous swirl-pattern quilt as Amanda shows you how to work with a swirls template, choose the best threads for the job, and stitch concave and convex turns.
  • Square up, preview and audition your rail fence blocks to ensure proper placement. Karla will teach you to add variety to your blocks by altering the cuts in your remaining your stacks before you assemble your quilt top with ease.
  • This lesson introduces a different slant on quilting. Work alongside Elizabeth as you make the block bases, sew fabric strips to the paper foundation, finish the blocks and complete the quilt top to create a beautiful Bias Stripes quilt.
  • Rock the Block, Album Style is one of Joe's favorite quilt projects. You'll find out why it's called that, and why he likes it.
  • View a beloved, historic art form through a modern lens. Quilter and photographer Caro Sheridan turns eye-popping digital photos into conceptual works of pieced-together art.
    Caro Sheridan
    Caro Sheridan
  • Combine repeating shapes in various ways as Elizabeth covers ways to work with templates, tracing and fusing. Learn how to apply and sew a gorgeous appliqué shape to a block, make a quilt top and modify your design in unique ways.
  • Rock the Block in a different way - Block Style! This very simple project creates an assortment of blocks that are closely related, but never the same.
  • The Fantasy Four-Patch is a process that takes the traditional four-patch design with two contrasting fabrics and turns it on its ear.
  • Get a little crazy! Learn to use the stack, cut and shuffle techniques to make a basic crazy quilt block, and Karla will show you how to stay organized as you chain piece your crazy blocks.
  • The Unparalleled quilt, which uses the slice-and-insert method, was inspired by a modern sculpture. It's Jacquie's favorite quilt and deceptively simple!
  • The Three Crazy Sisters block is a variation on the classic Rail Fence. The simple design of three rectangles will get you started on your pattern-free journey.
  • Explore techniques used to create Low Volume Tiles, resulting in a subtle and beautiful quilt. Learn how to cut and organize your pieces before constructing and arranging the blocks with Elizabeth's help along the way.
  • Learn to create a dynamic Square-in-Square style block and see how to easily keep track of your pieces as you sew. You'll also plan the border for your lap quilt.
  • Plunge into a unique and sophisticated modern quilt as Elizabeth shows you how to use improvisational piecing techniques and conventional techniques alike to create pod-shaped blocks, incorporate sashing and arrange the blocks asymmetrically to create a head-turning end product.
  • Try a twist on the traditional Log Cabin method with the Wonky Log Cabin. Discover unusual fabric choices and methods for making the blocks, adding sashing and squaring up each block to create this fun and whimsical quilt.
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