Origami + Folding Projects
  • You've probably never made your own sketchbook — it's easy enough to buy one, after all. Possibly the thought of making this thing never even occurred to you.
    Hannah Cooper
  • Remember paper chains? Well we've got an even better way load up your tree with bold, bright, beautiful paper. Seriously, look how cool these are.
  • When you think of origami, your mind might go straight to complex cranes and other intricate designs. But origami doesn’t have to be difficult. This DIY is SO easy and such a fun way to bring color and texture to a bland wall. Consider it the ideal origami project for beginners!
  • Meet John and get started by learning how to make and fly the world-record paper plane! After a failed attempt and a few small adjustments, John and his test-pilots are able to fly the plane with ease.
Here's the secret about flip books: anyone can make one. All you need is a bunch of paper and a pencil!
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