Scarf + Cowl Crochet Projects
  • Meet crochet blogger and designer Tamara Kelly and preview the three amazing cowls you'll make in this class. Dive into the quick and easy 45-Minute Cowl as Tamara offers advice for working two strands at once from the same skein. Then, start your foundation row and learn how to properly measure gauge.
  • Put your round crochet skills to the test as you work your second project, a beautiful cowl! Salena shares a new stitch pattern as you work through the project, step by step.
  • Get an introduction into lace with your second cowl. Improve your chart-reading skills as you Tamara walks you through the written pattern and shows you how it translates to a chart. Then, see how to join your first round and learn Tamara's nifty trick for ensuring your chain doesn't get twisted.
  • Get familiar with the full stitch as you start your second project: a chunky cowl. Build your color-changing and seaming skills, and work your cowl to completion.
  • Start on this more advanced cowl as you learn how to create some of the special stitches used in this project, including picots. Discover how you can customize this cowl to your measurements as Tamara takes you through creating the neck piece and offers advice for making it shorter or narrower.
  • Walk through the pattern included in your class materials, testing everything you've learned so far. Then, use your new crochet pattern confidence to make the fabulous Modern Sampler Scarf.
  • Start your fourth and final project, a cluster scarf, as you learn to work a complex specialty stitch, the cluster stitch. Afterwards, Salena shows you how to make color changes in rows and read more complex patterns, including a crochet diagram, to complete your scarf.
Knits and purls make this scarf basic. The woven fringe added at the end? That's what makes it extra. Any scarf that let's us combine knitting and weaving is a win in our book.
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