Weeknight Meals
Contemporary weeknight pastas are next. You'll learn Penne Alla Checca, Italy's answer to the pasta salad. Then, Scott updates classic ingredients with a Farafelle with Fried Eggplant, Ricotta and Tomato Sauce and a Seafood Paccheri with Shrimp and Guazzetto. You'll learn how to balance your sauce with pasta cooking liquid.
For an easy weeknight favorite, try Deborah's tamale pie or enchilada casserole. Make one big tamale in your slow cooker by layering cornhusks, masa and your favorite filling. The tamale "pie" will steam on its own until you're ready to serve. The enchilada casserole is assembled like lasagna, with layers of tortillas, sauce, filling and cheese, then baked. You can even assemble it ahead of time -- perfect for a hearty dinner or your next fiesta!
Behold: The boneless, skinless chicken breast. A completely blank canvas that's at your service to add lean, affordable protein to any meal. An ideal weeknight go-to. But, as perennially popular as chicken breasts are, cooking them perfectly is still a challenge. But not any longer. Tonight's the night you make the perfect baked chicken breast: moist, juicy and ready to blow your mind.
Jennifer Anderson
Chef Curtis Stone wants to rock your weeknight world by introducing you to quick recipes that don't skimp on flavor. First up: Parmesan chicken so good you'll want to make it a weekly tradition. Want more? Get it all in our Weeknight Cooking class taught by Curtis and NBC's Dylan Dryer.
For a light but satisfying meal, try a dinner salad! Learn how to mix up a weekly batch of vinaigrette that's better than anything out of a bottle, and how to bulk up salads with beans and proteins.
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